Thursday, February 28, 2008

Looking for a Quality Bar Stools

Last week I keep searching about Bar Stools because I remember that one of our friend who live in Denver has a little bar at their basement. They have really nice bar stools and im thinking maybe we can get one at to give to them as a gift. They have very affordable price and we can save more than to buy on the store. Imagine the retail price of one of their bar stools the backless swivel bar stool is only $76.99 and you can get it for the price of $69.99 if you order online. Its free shipping in the continental US on all bar stool orders over $500.00. They offer a wide variety of metal, wood, aluminum, wood/metal combo, indoor/outdoor and even contemporary Bar Stools! If you have a tall table then of course you need a tool wood bar stool from I was really surprised for all the bar stools they have, great styles and its really a high quality. And if you are asking about the shipping, like what I said they offer a free shipping and they ship their products directly to you via UPS and FedEx. So if you need a new bar stools at your bar then shop bar stools online at quality bar stools.

The result of the polls...

It seems like i will never going to win as most sociable blogger of the month. Only few people voted me and michelle got more votes than anyone of us. The 2nd who got a lot of votes is Joy, one of my friend here online. I think they all deserved it. I am the 3rd one who has more votes but i only got 28 hehe :-) but its okay, no hurt feelings... Even i will lose for the most sociable blogger poll but still i am the winner because i gain lot of friends online and i really appreciate Elaine for supporting me with these. I am sending my heartful thanks to all my dedicated co-bloggers who keep visiting my blog and to those new viewers and newbies for blogging, have a good day everyone and happy blogging to all!

Tours in Paris

Paris is one of the place I am dreaming of to go for vacation with the one I love. Everytime I hear Paris it makes me feel like I really want to see how great place Paris is. Paris is one of my favorite country, I see many Filipino are moving there in Paris and they really love the place. I heard that Paris is a very romantic place to visit especially for the couples, it’s a nice place to celebrate your romantic honeymoon there. And every year thousands of tourists are visiting Paris and to see the wonders that Paris has to offer. Wish I am one of those tourist who can visit Paris also. Hopefully someday if God’s will. Talking about Paris, did you already find the website that tells you about Paris? I know a website that I would absolutely recommend to those people out there who are planning for vacation at Paris. Have you ever heard Isango? I just find out while im browsing online about Tours in Paris. They have interesting website, they have information about Paris Tours and Things to do in Paris. Look at the photos, its very unique and its really inviting isn’t it? Wish I could visit one of those place in Paris especially The Eiffel Tower which stands tall as one of France’s most recognizable landmark and that tower is absolutely amazing and simply breathtaking. If you want to know more about Paris please visit

Before i say goodnight...

We just came back from our group bible study, im kind a tired right now but before i say goodnight i need to finish my last tasked first. Because if i wait for tomorrow maybe some of them will already been taken to some other bloggers. Mike is already in the bedroom watching TV, i think he's waiting for me. Im glad Dustin already sleeping, he is really tired, he keep yawning at the book study, he did good, he is very quiet and he listened. He didn't take a nap this afternoon thats why he is knock out this time. Im glad Mike dont have work tomorrow, maybe we will go out for shopping and buy gifts for our friend's wedding this coming 8th of march. We still dont know what to buy but will see.. i need a nice clothes also to attend the wedding party, because i dont have clothes to wear for the wedding, i only have meeting outfit. Hopefully i can easily find my size on the store, its not easy to find my size because i am petite and short. I need to look at the junior sizes. hehe :-)

Bad Credit

Is there a second chance to those who has really a bad credit? Wow, I was really surprised that even how bad your credit is, they are lenders out there that still willing to give you a chance so that you can get back to your feet and move on. Im so glad to find this website at bad credit credit cards at because they really monitors the credit marketplace to bring consumers the best bad credit offers available and they are there to help you to find the best credit offer to fit our needs regardless how bad our credit history is. You think that is a good news? Of course it is! So to those people out there have bad credit history, this is your chance to move on and get back to your feet. Visit badcreditoffers and see how they can help you to get a bad credit loans.

My Chicken Recipe

Here is the picture of the chicken recipe i made for our dinner tonight. Isn't that look good? looks yummy to me hehe :-) well i supposed to cook something else tonight but yesterday i already cook the shrimp and scallops so i am thinking maybe its good if i will try different chicken recipe with cream of mashroom soup with it. I didn't follow the recipe though, i made my own hehe :-) i experiment my chicken recipe today...
First i put salt and pepper with the boneless chicken breast and fry it with vegetable cooking spray. When it becomes brown, i set aside and start heating the cream of mashroom soup with the garlic powder, basil, lemon juice, milk and little bit of salt at the other pan. I put the chicken at the baking dish and add the mixed soup at the top of it. And baked it for about 15mins. Here is the result! hehe :-) hope you like it!

Forums and Discussions

I love joining Discussions and Forums. There you can learn everything about blogging and you can meet new friends online. You can share your opinions, points of view and anything that comes to your mind. People have their own thoughts, so why not share it to others and let everyone know what you’re thinking, maybe they can help you with your problem. I love sharing my thoughts that’s why all things that comes to mind, I wrote it to my blog at least I will feel more better after. And its nice if someone will share their opinions also about the topic you post. Either its negative or positive thoughts, its okay it helps already right? Talking about discussions and Forums, I know a website that I am sure you would love to join. I am new on this forum and Im really enjoying sharing my thoughts to other members at They have topic for everything about books, games, movies, music, sports, tv, videos, beauty, fitness etc. They have general discussion and you can introduce yourself to other members and let them welcome you to their groups and discussion. So try now and join with us! Share your thoughts and opinions at! See you there!

Time is running...

Wow, time is running so fast, i cant believe that its almost 2 years and 2 months before i came here on States. I can still remember the day when i arrived here, i can still remember the time when i was pregnant and until the time i labor our first son. I always counting the days hehe :-) i am excited to see dustin growing up, when he start go to school or play football with his daddy. Right now i already noticed a lot of changes for Dustin. He learned more phrases and words now. He is more active and he is kind a smart! Time is running also for my book study, 5 minutes more and i think renee will be here, im excited for our discussion today so will see, i will share what i've learned after okay? have a good day everyone!

Dog Menstruation

I didn't know that dog also have menstrual cycle like human. I never know since i move here in States. Last 2 years when were in Silverthorne i witness our female pitbull menstruation. I was shocked because that was my first time to see the dog bleeding. And now i wont surprised anymore because our female 1 year old English Mastiff is on her period this week. She's still bleeding until now and my husband explain it to me that when they start their period thats the time that they are on heat, that they are ready to have puppies. I told mike why not use a dog pads so that they wont bleed on the floor but he said that it wont help because the dog might chew the pads. So we cant do anything for now, because everytime she get excited, she bleed more unlike when she just laying down and relax she dont bleed a lot. I put them on their kennel outside because its warm out and its nice outside though, i think they will be okay there for a while. I have my book study this afternoon so i need to get ready.

Commercial Mortgages

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Dancing with the Stars!

Last night I am watching the rewind of Dancing with the Stars, there’s 4 couples left including my favorite star dancer Cheryl and Drew Lachey. The chemistry of the couple is really strong. They are really did good in dancing! They knock everyone out with their performance. I was really amazed when they got the score 30. They have energy and full of charisma, I think they will be the winner this week, I don’t know will see what happens. I like lisa and luis also, they are funny and energetic. Lisa improved a lot with her dancing, she really did good! I cant wait to see the finals and see who will going to win and get that big trophy.

Get the compensation you deserved!

If we encounter accidents, would you expect that the person who caused the injury will pay with it? If its not our fault then of course, they need to pay for it. Sometimes they might end up of going to the court especially when they encounter accidents at work, road traffic accidents or other. At Keypoint Legal Services, they help you to get the compensation you deserved. Whether you have suffered a Personal Injury or have an illness resulting from your employment they can easily contact them and talk about that matter and they will assist you to claim that compensation. And the good thing is they will fight for justice and recover the compensation that is rightfully yours. Isn’t that great? So we don’t need to think about where to get money if we encounter a personal injury because we can get the compensation that is rightful for us. We deserve to receive a compensation especially if wasn’t our fault. Even how good we are in driving but still, you will never know what will going to happen outside maybe someone out there who don’t know how to drive and they just hit your car. Call Keypoint Legal Services now if you encounter like this, let them help you get the compensation you deserve, don’t wait and make a move now, they are waiting for your call.


Thursday again! I have my book study this afternoon at 2pm. Its still early here at 9am, I will start cleaning at 10 and get ready at 1pm. I have my own schedule every Thursday you know. Last night I already studied our discussion for this afternoon so that I will get ready for the questions and its good also because it helps me to understand the lessons we were going to discussed this afternoon. We will discussed about the ‘end of Jehovah’s Day” about the Armageddon. Its kind a scary when that time comes because it said we will going to have an earthquakes, wars, all the governments will fight and kill each other, all wicked things will be destroyed and only those righteous people will live. They didn’t say in the bible when it will going to happen but we need to get ready and repent. Don’t wait for the last minute, we need to change our bad ways and cloth ourselves with a good personality. If we want to be saved on “Jehovah’s Last day” we need to repent and be a good person and have faith to Jehovah God.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sales Script

If you are planning to start a small business I think Sales Process Mastery can help you with that matter. If you want to learn how to easily use cold calling without fear to build their business, the sales process mastery is there to help you because they will teach you how to convert a cold call from Warm Call using their warm up methods. I remember when I am working before at the internet café, im really scared to make a call and do business to our clients. Im little bit scared because I am not used to it to call people on the phone especially when it comes to business matters. Im nervous because maybe I will not do it right and will going to lose our clients because of me. I think I really need to find more prospects from Sales Process Mastery that time, too bad I didn’t know their website before just now when I browse my computer and do research with it. Well, what Sales Process Mastery Program can offer? To those who experiencing any of these frustrations like working too many hours, more profits, more sales, not getting enough prospects using internet, PR, referrals and direct mail then I think you better visit their website and let their Coach teach you how to organized your business. They also offer a sales script coach for only $197 for one month. Set appointments from them now and find qualified leads for your business!

What is my hidden talent...

Your Hidden Talent

You have the power to persuade and influence others.

You're the type of person who can turn a whole room around.

The potential for great leadership is there, as long as you don't abuse it.

Always remember, you have a lot more power over people than you might think!

Wow! i was very surprised for the results. Its kind a interesting to know what is my hidden talent. It said i have more power over people than i might think? Huhmmm i dont know what it is but maybe for friendship hehe :-) Its true also about i am the type of person who can turn a whole room around, because i dont like quiet, i want to be more talkative and feel the whole room with laugher. :-)

Jenny Yuen Unique Handbag Collections

When I research handbags online, I came across this website at, she really did good in creating a unique handbags collection. I am really proud of her, her addiction to fashion, unique sense of style and appreciation of fine arts led her to be successful to her own line. All the handbags she makes are exude a classic sensibility and functionality that never goes out of style. Many people love his handbags collection, her handbags have been featured to a very popular magazines such as NYLON, LUCKY, Seventeen, Teen Vogue, New York Magazines and more. So it means she is really popular because of her unique designer handbags. I love all her designs, she’s really into it, she has a passion to create handbags that’s why she’s is really successful. She’s not even successful on her business but she also successful on her love life. You better check her website to know more about her and to see all her unique handbags collections.

Research Online...

Im starting to get tired on checking my email and i dont have any important emails, i am done cleaning the house thats why i am relaxing right now, just watching tv and do research online about handbags. My little Dustin is taking a nap on his crib and i am so thankful because he is sleeping now, i can do my thing online and have some snack while im watching youtube videos too. Im starting to get hungry hehe :-) well the dogs are outside, i put them on their kennel, its nice out though so maybe this afternoon when Dustin woke up we can walk around the blocks or pick up the mail together. That would be fun.. hope the weather will always like this, sunny and i think the temperature is about 50 degrees. Dinner tonight? hmmm i am thinking to cook stir fry vegetables with scallops and shrimp with it. That would be great! i am sure my husband would love it because he loves scallops and shrimp on the stir fry.

Manage your debt

The main problem that many people are facing right now is having a bad credit. Many people are struggling debt, I don’t know how they can handle that problem, its very hard if you cant find solutions with it because it will affect your whole life when you are stock on paying your debt. We all need to be debt free once in a while hehe, actually its not that hard, you don’t need to buy a thing that you don’t need that much. Because if you are buying expensive things like cars, motorcycle, house, etc. then that’s the reason why you get a high credit. I understand that here in the States, cars and house is one of the important thing that people wants to have. But if you cant afford then why you get a big house then? You just need to buy a house that you know you can easily pay with it. Live simple that makes you out for debt. Anyway if you are struggling with debt then you better check this out at there you can apply an IVA application online. They are the only company that offer full online IVA applications or you can apply Debt Management Plans from them too. If you would like to see how this might work for you then visit clear debt and see how they can help you to consolidate your debt and how this debt management works for you and for your creditors because the debt management companies will negotiate to your creditors to change your debt repayment terms. For more information also about debt they provide Debt Help Links, there they can give you idea for debt solutions and how to avoid bankruptcy.

Dustin New Photos

Here is the new photos of Dustin taken last Sunday when we work with our back yard, we are fixing the kennel for our doggies. It's a kind a breezy and cold that time thats why Dustin wearing his winter outfit. He is so cutie on this photo, i like it a lot. Yesterday night, i give him a hair cut, he looks better without hair. He look like a little shaolin kid hehe :-)

Telemarketing Solutions

Every now and then we always receive a telemarketing call that tells about their products or services. But my husband is not interested at all. Its kind a frustrating to hear your phone ringing and then its just a toll free call, its not so important that’s why we don’t answer it sometimes. But I know that many businesses out there needs that opportunity to present their products or services to win their customers and to increase their revenue and grow. They do all their best to get the attention of their customers, well I think they need to work hard with it so that they can get the attentions of the person they want to contact by phone. So if you are working as Telemarketing company, you can visit blueberry for marketing solutions. There, they can give you ideas on how to increased sales and get the higher levels of customer services. What could blueberry marketing solutions can offer? Well, they provide the following services including appointment making, lead generation, database cleaning, customer maximisation, sales training and market research. Telemarketing is one of the effective methods that could help you generate sales opportunities and maximize returns from new and existing customers. So hurry while blue berry have special offer to those who are interested to learn about telemarketing. They are offering a free sales and marketing review worth £250. Visit blueberry and let them help you to your telemarketing problem.

No choice!

When I check my 2nd blog this morning, I was surprised that they already get the warning sign that tells that they will going to terminate my blog if I don’t delete some of my post their from blog advertising. Well, I don’t have any choice, I already delete all my post their except those personal post of course. I already earned a lot with that blog because that blog has a higher page rank than this one. I was very sad when they caught that I am joining blog advertising, I think they strictly not allowed it to their website. I never read rules and regulations from them but its okay maybe I wont make any blog at all with their website. I will stick here on blogger, at least here they will allow blogger to do anything we want. As long google wont caught us because they will also decreased your page rank if they caught that you are joining blog advertising and paid reviews.

News on Loans

This year might be the hardest year for us because we pay two mortgage in a time, our house in Silverthorne still for sale and until now we couldn’t find a person whom interested in our house. Mike tried to find solutions with it, he decide to refinance our new house so that its not hard for us to pay the two mortgage. Im so glad because Homeowner Loans are there to help us. So now we don’t need to pay too much for our mortgage because we got refinance with it and we only pay $1,400 instead of $1,700. It’s a big relief you know when we got refinance our new home. How about you? Plan to get homeowner loans? Have you ever heard MagicLoans? They offer homeowner loans or if you want to consolidate debts then they can help you with that matter. If you have equity on your home, you can just fill up their simple, no obligation quote form and they will do the rest to help you with your financial problem. Magic Loans has typically released funds as little as 24 days! You can request a call back from them too, its easy just fill in your details at the right sidebar and they will call you back as soon they got your phone number. And oh before I forget I want to share the news that caught my attention about Car insurance premiums ‘have risen’. Wow, I couldn’t imagine how expensive to own a Car this year. It said here that the cost of car insurance has risen over the past year and the average motor insurance premium has increased by 5.24 percent over the past 12 months. Well, we have 2 cars and we pay more with our Ford truck than the other one, I think we already paid the other car that we have. We own Suzuki motorcycle too, my husband love to drive motorcycle if its not too cold outside. It said here that the highest cover price hike was experienced by motorists aged between 40-50, whose costs rose by an average of seven percent. People aged 65 above have the lowest hike of 4.14 percent. That’s kind a interesting. So, if you are planning to purchase a car then shopping around for loans is important as deals can vary. To know more about this article please visit magic and find the topic about car insurance premiums have risen.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Its hard to let it go...

Yay, I am really sad about what happen to my 2nd blog. They are going to terminate my blog if I don’t delete all my paid links. Its hard to let go some of my post but I don’t have a choice… I need to delete it or else they will terminate my blog. I lost my earnings at that blog… I am thinking to transfer that blog here in blogspot but I don’t know how, maybe I need to make another blog huh? The thing is, I have a higher pagerank on my 2nd blog and its hard for me to let it go and delete everything in there. Wish that they allow people to post a paid links or something. I know not only me accept a paid links, there’s a lot of them there, but hope they will make it fair to everyone. I like my 2nd blog a lot because the templates I choose is really nice and I have 3 columns. I like this blog too of course this is the number one of all. Hope blogger will not do like that to anyone. Everyone of us are having fun on writing blog post everyday, we already earning through blogging so hope they will not take that to us.

What a wonderful day...

Wow, im glad its getting warm here in Grand Junction now, this week we got partly cloudy and the temperature is 49-55 degrees this week. That was pretty good. Im sick of winter, i dont like winter at all its very cold and makes me lazy, i dont even want to go out when the weather is cold and snowy. I dont like wearing jacket, its heavy hehe :-) well i think i am complaining a lot for the winter, but its okay we only have 3 months winter here in Grand Junction unlike in Silverthorne, it seems like they have 6 months winter there.

Well it starting to get warm now maybe this afternoon me and dustin will walk around the blog when my husband came home. I need to finish washing our clothes though, im glad we have washing machine so i dont need to use my hand to wash our clothes not like in the Philippines i wash my clothes using my hand hehe :-)

Your Compensation Right!

Sometimes we encounter a situation that wasn’t our fault. Just like an accident or a personal injury. There’s a people who blame you for everything and sometimes it ends up of going to the court and let you pay something that you know its not your fault. I heard some of the stories at Court TV about this matter and they find solutions with it. They give compensation for those person who get injured in accidents. That’s a good thing because we really don’t know what will going to happen, even we are very careful driving on the road but we don’t know, some people out there are being so careless. They might hit your car or something, when accidents happen that cause trouble or maybe one of the passengers will get hurt. So we really need to receive a Personal Injury Claims from the legal services. When I came across this website at key point claims, they are one of the legal services who can be sure that they will always act with integrity, independence and best interest for their clients. They will fight for justice and recover the compensation that is rightfully yours. So if you encounter this kind of problem, Keypoint is there to help you. So give them a call now and see how key point can help you with your problem when it comes to personal injury.

My leather jacket from Wilson Leather

When me and my husband went to Silverthorne last Saturday, after we look our house, we went to the mall outlet at Silverthorne Downtown and my husband take me at Wilson Leather, I was very surprised when my husband tell me that he has a surprised for me. He didn't tell me that he receive $100 from work as a gift card. And his planning to buy me a leather jacket and a leather glabs from Wilson Leather. Wow, im always dreaming to have my own leather jacket. And now my husband make it possible. Leather jacket is too expensive you know... but we are so thankful that Wilson Leather is on Sale and they got 30-50% off for every leather jacket, leather purse and wallets. I was very overwhelmed because mike is really a sweet person. The weather is bad that time because the snow is blasting and its really slippery on the road. Its a great timing because i need a leather jacket and glabs that time because i feel cold. My old jacket helps though, but its not as good as leather. :-) thanks honey! I really appreciate your surprise, love you lots!

Sales Training at Avan

Do you need to take a training courses so that you can be successful on your management and business career? Its nice to have a training course, it helps to enhance your skills and maximize your potential. In the world of business its really hard because many of the competitors compete each other, you need to be more wiser and know how to handle that kind of situation. Well, maybe I need a management training course because my husband and I have a plan to own a business in the Philippines. I don’t know when but maybe 4-5 years from now or maybe more. It helps me to be a better sales person because if ever I will going to have my own business? I like to own an Internet Café or a small restaurant. How about you? Any plan to take training courses? If yes then why not get a Sales Training UK at avand? Visit avand and see what kind of training courses you need.

Our 2 fish died...

Yay, i was very surprised when i woke up this morning and look at our aquarium and feed them. I saw my favorite 2 fish, 1 white molly and platty died already this morning, i think the disease caused their death. Too bad, they didn't make it... the other white molly still alive though, he still fighting for the disease, hope the medication we gave to them will help. Hope he can make it. Some of the fish are well, they really did good specially my yellow molly, my favorite of all. Maybe this week we will buy another fish as a replacement for the 2 fish who died. I will try different fish though im scared to get another molly coz maybe they will die again like the other one. So will see... :-)

Guest Beds from Time4Sleep

We have 3 bedroom here in our house but the 3rd room is for our computer room. So every time we have a guest or some friends come visit here in the house to stay well of course we gave them the 2nd room, that is our son bedroom. But this time his not using it. Well I think we need another Guest Beds from time4sleep, they have really great guest beds at their website. They have leather beds, faux leather, divan, children beds, wooden, metal, French style, antique and a lot more. Well for my son I probably get grand prix car because he likes car a lot and I think it will be good if he has a bed like that at least he can enjoy his bed and he can sleep good at night. For my guest? I think I will absolutely choose nimbus bed. Look at the picture here, its really pretty bed for the guest right? And its very affordable price, you can get nimbus bed for only £129. Is it that very affordable? And guess what? Its free delivery and you can save for all the beds because they offer 5% off for all the beds. I will tell my husband about this website, they have great selections of bed and the favorite bed of our son is there maybe we can buy one next time. How about you did you find the bed for your guest? Visit time4sleep for more selections of bed!

Fantastic Blogger Award

Hi Joemadel thanks for this wonderful fantastic blogger award, i really appreciate it, my heart jump with joy when i receive this award. You did so far on your blogging and you have a nice blog too, i like the new templates you have. Keep it up girl and hope everything is alright for you and to your hubby. Be happy always and have a good day to you my dear!

I am passing this tagged to my wonderful fellow bloggers, Elaine, Laradee, Rosemarie, Weng, Janet and Dexie. happy blogging everyone! you deserve this fantastic blogger award.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Black Friday Info

As we get closer to Black Friday, people are getting excited to shop online and save more for their Black Friday shopping. Have you heard This is the official site for all of the 2008 Black Friday Ads, here you can save more for your next shopping. You can purchase Black Friday items online, you don’t have to fight the traffic, woke up early in the morning at 5am to go to the store. Well, its not worth it though because when you go to the store you need to spend more time looking for the gift you want and you need to fall in line also unlike when you shop online it is more easier because there’s no hassle, you can sit down in front of your computer and you can purchase any black Friday items you like just so easy, just one click then you can get what you want. You can save more time than to go to the store. Do you know that black also offers email alerts so that they can send you email when the latest Black Friday ads are posted. Their website is consumer friendly, so you better check their website so that you can plan your next shopping this year for Black Friday items or even Christmas and Thanksgiving items.

How to add link to wordpress homepage only?

I want to know about how to add link to wordpress homepage only because i want to add link to my wordpress that only show to my homepage and not with the other links. I found some ways how to do it but when i try it, it didn't work. When i check my presentation i couldn't find the index.php i only have css filesheet editor. To those who know how to add link to wordpress homepage only please let me know, i really appreciate your help. Thank you.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Best Online Casino Reviews

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Spread the love tagged...

Thank you so much Rosemarie for sharing this love tag award, i really appreciate it, its nice to know that there's a lot of people out there even you dont know much and you meet them online but still they are always there for you to show love. I really treasure all my friends online and i am thankful to meet them all.

I am passing this love tag award to my fellow dedicated bloggers also named: Janet, Weng, Joydob, Laradee, Dexie, Elaine and Debbie.

Casino Online List

Casino Online is increasing more and more everyday, many people are getting addicted to play casino online. This is more better than to go to casino and fight the traffic. You can just sit down in front of your computer room and have fun playing either for a real money or just for fun. Well, when I research best casino online I came across this website at online casino list. At their website you can see the top best online casino on the web which the 20 editors are reviewing the top online casinos and rating them in terms of bonuses offered, payout time, game play, speed and more. Most of the players voted also which one is the best and have a high rating of all online casino on the web. Isn’t that great? You can easily find the best one you like and guess what? At online casino list you can find the online casinos with best bonuses and they provide also the Online Casinos Accepting US Players. So if you are from US then its easy for you to find the casino games who accept US players. At their info site, you can view the online casino faqs, beginners guide to online gambling, online gambling tips and online casino reviews. So what are you waiting for? Visit Online Casino List now and find the best online casino that most gamblers want to play.

How many word can you type?

79 words

Speed test

Thanks for the tag janet! i really appreciate it hehe :-) the result is pretty good. i was very surprised.. I reach 342 points, so i achieve position 55668 of 707841 on ranking list. I type 79 words per minute. 438 characters per minute, 79 correct words and 0 wrong words. I love typing a lot, i learned it since before when i was working as computer typist at the internet cafe. And im get used to it to type without looking the keyboard.

here is the result for my 2nd try:
85 words

I reach 351 points, i achieve position 47142 of 711751 on the ranking list. I type 460 characters per minute, i have 85 correct words and 0 wrong words.

How about you how fast you are in typing? I am passing this tagged to Weng, Elaine, Rosemarie, Joy, Joydob, laradee and ate liz.

Grandfather Clocks Blog

Looking for a blog that talks about the Grandfather clock? I know one that I am sure you would love to visit, they provided all the information about the Grandfather Clock and some information about different clocks and watch from Miller Grandfather Clock, antique grandfather, the styles, the comparison shopping, Hermle Grandfather and more. You better visit their website to learn more about clocks. I love Grandfather clocks a lot wish we could own one. My favorite Grandfather clock is Howard Miller Eisenhower Grandfather Clock. This is the clock I am dreaming to have since when I was in High School. One of our classmate back in High School have this kind of Clock at their house and its kind an interesting because this clock is antique because his grandfather give it to his parents. I don’t know how to maintain this Grandfather clock and I am glad because Grandfather Clocks Blog have an information about the maintenance of this clock. Anyway if you want to know information about different Grandfather Clock then you better visit and you’ll see what im talking about.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

House for Sale in Silverthorne

Here is the photo of our house. As you can see its a lot of snow in the background too. The snow is blasting when we took this picture. This is our remembrance for our old house in Silverthorne. We are visiting this afternoon because our tenants are starting moving all their things and move to their new house. Mike and I want to be there and look at the house while they are moving.

The house is FOR SALE right now, OMNI REAL ESTATE helping us to sale it. Brenda from Omni is our Real Estate Agent. There's few couples looking the house and seems like they are interested, i dont know... but hopefully they will going to buy our house. The house price is $239.00, 3 bed, 2 bath, ranch style and its located at 185 County Road, Silverthorne. 25 minutes from downtown. I think people will love to stay there because the view is really pretty breathtaking views. If you are interested please contact us.

Surgical News

Why many women nowadays choose to have breast enlargement? Well its very obvious that they are not satisfied of the breast they have, maybe it is small or maybe it is huge and not looking good at all. Many women are dreaming to have a bigger cup size, have a lovely and sexy breast shape. Well in UK’s breast enlargement are most common form of cosmetic with the highest satisfaction rate. Many of the clients are happy for the results and its really worth for the money they spent. In my side? If I can afford then why not right? As long there is no side effects. For all the cosmetic surgery procedure, only breast enlargement has a simple and safe procedure that most tried and tested to their professional surgeons. They are very successful on doing the surgery. When I browse my computer about breast enlargement, I came across at their surgical news and I read about Breast Enlargement (Breast Augmentation) News. They have really great article in there about this matter and for more information visit MYA (Make Yourself Amazing) to know about UK Breast Enhancement Procedure.

Going to Silverthorne...

We are getting ready this morning because we will going to Silverthorne to check our house there because our tenants are moving to their new house. Our house will be for sale for a while and our Real Estate Agent are doing his job to help us. Its about 3 hours driving, Grand Junction to Silverthorne. We need to deposit $150 also to my family at 1st Bank in Eagle County. Well, the road is kind a icy and slippery, its really dangerous to drive fast in the icy road. Mike is really good driving with that, but me? i dont know if i can handle it maybe i will end up to the side on the road hehe :-) We came to Silverthorne safe, we had lunch at burger king and guess what? the weather in Silverthorne is very bad... the snow are blasting and its about 3 inches snow everywhere. I remember the last time we came there last summer, winter in Silverthorne is getting worst no wonder my husband want to transfer here in Grand Junction. He is tired of being at the snow all the time especially when he is at work. He work outside most of the time. Now his happy that we moved here in Grand Junction. We look our house and it seems like its still the same as before. They really taking care of our house, its kind a mess because they are starting moving and still packing all their things. Maybe we will come back there if its empty maybe next 2 weeks.

Wish someone will going to buy our house in Silverthorne. Its 3 bed and 2 full bath. It is located at 185 county road Silverthorne, Co. We sale it for the price of $239.00. The house is ranch style, have nice breathtaking view, nice neighborhood and its a pretty house. I missed being there, my favorite part in the house is the Kitchen hehe :-) if you are interested please let us know. Thank you!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Laser Hair Removal

Having problem removing some of your facial hair or any hair that growing in some part of your body that you really don’t like either its on your back, legs, ear, nose, or even at your moustache? Are you tired of seeing it all the time and even how hard you try it still keep coming back? Well no worries because laser hair removal from Cosmetic Laser Clinic will help you get rid of your unwanted facial hair. Cosmetic Laser Clinic is located in Tampa, the area’s professional laser hair removal medical specialist. They offer laser hair removal, laser skin rejuvenation, laser vein treatment, microdermabrasion and rosacea treatment. So if you live near on this area and you want to get rid of your facial hair or any hair that grows in your body that you don’t like then contact Cosmetic Laser Clinic now and see how they can help you. Feel good on your smooth skin and be proud of not having unwanted facial hair with the help of this Cosmetic Laser Clinic.

Am i bored?...

Well, little bit hehe :-) i dont have so much tasked this morning, i only have 2 opps but its okay, better than nothing though. I just spend my time watching my favorite koreanovela title "Man in a Vineyard". it's a nice story, very funny and cute. Mike will be home early and that is good. I already cook beef pot roast in the crock pot, just waiting til its done. I already smell it hehe :-) makes me feel hungry. Dustin been good, he is just watching his favorite kiddie program. After this i need to clean the kitchen and take a shower. I will update my surfcasual blog later. Im still thinking what to post on my 3rd blog. Maybe personal or how about what i learned from my bookstudy last night? Will see ... happy blogging!

Dubai Property

Looking for a property in Dubai? Well I know a website that could help you find a luxury Property in Dubai area. They offer properties that combine ultra-modern facilities with the top class and amenities of a resort. This is your chance to contact them and find out why Dubai is the right choice to invest a property. You can visit their website Dubai property at Dubai is the City with the latest luxury property, with spectacular buildings and prestigious developments. I heard that Dubai is a growing City and there’s a lot of nice tourist spots that everyone love to visit. Way back in the Philippines, I have a neighbor that work at one of the Hotels in Dubai and I remember when he told me that Dubai is really nice country. There’s another friend of mine also work at the factory in Dubai and it seems like she has a good life there together with his relatives. Anyway, for more information about Dubai Property visit their website now and let them help you find the best property in a great location that you need.

Teen killed in gang war

While im reading Mindanao Times News, it caught my attention about this 19 year old teenager been killed in gang war. I know there's a lot of gang happening in Mindanao right now and this happens in Panacan, still part of Davao. I know that place, i been there before because one of my friend live there. The 19 year old teenager identified him as Batoy and he is known member of the "Chowking Gang" and they encountered other rival gang member as "Hustisya Gang". Im glad police caught them but its too bad because Batoy died at his early age.

Here is the news written by Guy Lorenzo Lao

A 19-year-old teenager was jointly stabbed by a group of alleged gang members in Purok San Miguel, Kilometer 14, Panacan, yesterday dawn. Relatives of the victim claimed the body at the Angel Funeral Homes in Barangay Sasa and identified him as Jojem Batoy, 19, resident of Dream Village, Panacan. Witnesses told police that Batoy was a known member of the ‘Chowking Gang’ at the place, who encountered a rival gang, “Hustisya Gang.” PO2 Zaldy Rom of Sasa Police told the Times that Batoy, along with his other gang members, ran away when they found out they were outnumbered. But the rival gang caught up with Batoy. PO2 Rom identified the leader of the rival gang as Jaymar Cabrong, 21, resident of Panacan Public Market.

Friday Greetings...

Hello everyone! good morning and happy friday! Its friday morning and its really cold out, i have few tasked to do but before i do that i need to feed the dog and my son first before i start doing my thing here online. I already done my cleaning yesterday so i will just do vacuum and clean the floor this afternoon. I will do that maybe before lunch. My husband will work 8 hours today so its good. He will be home early then and maybe we can go out for dinner tonight. I dont know yet, im waiting for my husband decision or i think its better to stay home for dinner so that we can save. Its too expensive to go out dinner tonight. Hmm maybe i can just cook the pot roast at my crock pot what do you think? i will start cooking at 10am. Friday is my favorite day and tomorrow we need to go to Eagle to deposit $150 for my family so that they can have an extra allowance this month. I love going to eagle because its a nice ride, hopefully it wont snow tomorrow!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Homeowner Loan

This year we really need to tight our budget because we pay so much for our bills. We payed 2 payments for our 2 mortgages and were in budget today because if we buy more things that we don’t need so much then our debt will definitely increased. We already get refinance to this house so that its not too heavy for us to pay 2 mortgage in a time. And as a parents we need to cut expenditures on our children too. We have 2 year old son and he has a lot of clothes though so we don’t need to buy more clothes for him because one of our friend giving us some clothes that came from his growing up grand son. So it’s a relief for us not to spend more this month, we only spend for grocery shopping. I know most parents are planning to spend less this year so that they can save more. When it comes to financial, we need to be thrifty sometimes, don’t spend too much for nothing. When I read this news at magic loans about “Parents cutting expenditure on children”. I think that’s a good idea that parents need to do. Especially to those parents having more than 1 children. It said here that debt fears have resulted in tightened family budgets, with 44 percent of those with children under the age of 18 claiming to be struggling make ends met. Oh yeah, its true. Toys is really expensive nowadays and I know kids love to buy more toys and clothes too as well. So you better go to garage sale and find toys, you can save more and maybe you can get a good stuff through garage sale. Anyway, if you want to know about Homeowner Loan, please visit and for more information about this news that im talking about please check this out: Parents cuttings expenditures on Children.

Back to work...

My husband go back to work this morning, he need to attend safety meeting in Riffle. It takes only about few hours then he will be home at 5:00 pm. Tomorrow he will work 8 hours because its Friday and he has 2 days off Saturday and Sunday. Thats good because he can spend more time with me and Dustin. I think we will go to the mall and let Dustin play at their kids playground. It helps a lot for Dustin to be with other kids so that he wont feel shy anymore and scared to other kids. Tonight we have our group book study, i dont know if we can make it but will see if my husband feel okay. I am almost done for my cleaning for the day, i just need to finished vacuum then after that we will eat lunch together with my son Dustin and get ready for my book study for this afternoon.

Money Magic

Why is it that mortgage lending is increasing this month of January? Is it not the same as last month? Me and my husband has 2 mortgages and he is trying to refinance for this house and get a lower payment for our second mortgage, so this month we will probably save a lot, we will receive our mortgage payment on our new house next month so we’re still waiting for that. Well as the news I read at about “January sees mortgage lending increase”. It gives me ideas why this month they has revealed that the lending increased to an estimated £26.5 billion last month so it is really higher than last month of December. But when general Michael Coogan said that there is considerable in the housing market and at the moment they expect lending volumes to be lower in the coming months. I think that’s a good news, it is really good if they decrease the lending mortgage next month. It’s a big relief especially for us that we pay 2 payments for our 2 mortgage. Anyway if you are from UK, check this Mortgages UK and find the mortgage you need at You Get a fast free mortgage quotes too at their website. Please inquire now and see how money magic can help you with your mortgage.

Time to clean...

Yay, i need to start cleaning now because this afternoon, i have my personal book study with one of our sister in our congregation, we will talk about being bold on preaching the kingdom good news of God. I am not one of the Witness yet but i am planning to change my religion and get baptized as Jehovah's Witness. I dont know when but when i feel ready then maybe i will. I finished 3 tasked this morning so i think thats enough, i have still more tasked to do this afternoon. I will finished it all this afternoon. I missed watching my favorite Telenovela "Lobo", hmm maybe i can watch it later hehe :-) so c yah then i need to do clean up here but first before i go let me post the last tasked i made :-)

Concrete Shed

Trying to fix your garage and change it into new one? or not done building your garage yet? Do you have lot of things at your garage and your not using that much and you need more space to put all that stuff? Well no worries because Lidget can help you find the best Concrete Garages and Concrete Shed you need. Lidget have 30 years of garage experience, all their garages and sheds are rigid, strong and cost effective in both design and manufacture. Actually we are planning to buy a concrete shed because my husband have many working tools that he need to put away, we have many things on our garage that’s why we need a space to put all that stuff in one place. I think having a concrete shed is a really good idea. At least we don’t need to think about where to put the tools that we are not using so much. We only need a small shed and I am so thankful because I came across at Lidget website, they really giving us idea of what kind of shed we need to buy. So if you are start building your garages and sheds I will absolutely recommend you the Lidget Concrete Garages and Sheds. For more information about them visit

New Award from Janet

Wow, i got another award not only one but two award "outstanding and best blogs in digital word". Thank you janet for this award i really appreciate it. I am so glad also because you did well to your blogging. You have lot of friends now online and i am sure you will earn the way as i do. So keep it up and be happy always. Happy blogging!

Digital Picture Frame

Are you tired of putting pictures on your photo frame and albums? Do you want to try this amazing new technology about digital frame? I know many people love to take pictures and it cost too much if you buy lot of frame to put your favorite photo with it. How about turning your photo frame into digital picture frame? I think you would love to have this because you can see more photos in one frame . Digital frame has 256 MB and if you buy one you can get free SD Memory Card with every 10 inch frame order. This is very simple to view all your photos in your memory card just take a photo or movie then switch your memory card to the digital frame and view the amazing photos you got. You can even set the time of how many minutes your picture will appear on the display. Isn’t that amazing? You better grab one or more digital picture frame at and display it anywhere you want either in your living room, bedroom or in all areas of your home. Let everyone view your happy snaps and let them know about this digital picture frames.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Spring Break Nightmares

I was watching at VH1 about Spring Break Nightmares this evening. I was very surprised how college students from all over US, getting wild every spring break. We dont have like this in the Philippines, maybe some celebrate it especially the university students but i never experience spring break nightmares before. Way back in college after we graduated, me and my friends just hangout to one of my friends house. We just stay there and we really feel safe. Unlike the one that i saw, i was very shocked that there's a lot of young teenagers are acting that way like having fun, get drunk, drugs, killing each other, fighting, lot of accidents happen, some people been robbed and many of them died at spring break. Well, if you dont be careful then of course something bad will going to happen. You just need to stick with your group of friends and not going anywhere especially if you spend your spring break vacation in Mexico. I heard lot of tragedy happen every spring break at Mexico. I was very shocked when i saw that college guy been killed with mexican drug addict. They make him as a sacrifice and burried his body in the ground. They take out the brain and some part of his body and i cant believe what i saw, why they can do that? only evil can do that thing. Thats why it takes long time before they find out about what happen. The other one is when the guy having fun partying while some of his friends went home, he never went home with his friends and he is really drunk, when he tried to go back to his hotel someone tried to robbed him and shot him on the head. Now they can learn the lesson about what happen to them. So to those college students and young teenagers planning to spend your spring break vacation? One thing i want to say is "just be careful" and be safe!

Debt Management Plan

I don’t have any experienced about debt when I was in the Philippines because people out there using cash all the time except those people who has tons of money they using their credit cards to buy expensive stuff. When I arrive here in US I noticed that many people used credit cards. My husband have 4-5 credit cards but he don’t use most of it. He experiences debt because he pay something for his credit cards. How we manage our own debt? We paid cash sometimes and not using the credit card so much, we try not to spend a lot for our credit cards. It’s a big problem if we spend too much and not thinking about the future. Well, I think many people out there been bankrupt or been broke because of having a bad credit. If you are those people who struggling with debt? Then you better visit clear debt, because they are one of the company that could help you to be free on debt after 5 years or less if your ClearDebt IVA application is approved. What can clear debt do to help you to be debt free? They can do cut people debts, freeze the interest you pay, stop creditor actions against you and give free debt advice. Isn’t that a good news? This is your chance to be free on debt and start a new life. Debt Management Plan from clear debt will negotiate with your creditors to change your debt repayment terms. So if you want to know how this thing works and how clear debt could help you with this matter then visit clear debt now and get more information about them.

Shrimp for dinner tonight...

We had a really good dinner tonight, i am the one who cooked! Finally i did it right. My husband is so happy because finally he dont need to buy dinner and eat sandwiches all the time and some junk hehe :-) well i just make it easy, i marinated the big shrimp with lemon juice, salt, garlic powder and basil for about 30 minutes then after that i fry it with oil and garlic. We had steam vegetables also, bacon and tilapia fish, my favorite! Yum yum... hehe :-) im still thinking what to cook again tomorrow. Will see you then! Any ideas of what to cook tomorrow? hehe :-)

Sales Training

Want to boost your sales performance? You need to get a sales training at AS-SA. Have you ever heard this website before? This is a Sales Training and consultancy organization that helps other organizations to improve their sales performance. We want to be the best that we can be when it comes to business. There’s a lot of opportunities out there we just need to work with it and need a good training so that we can enhance our skills and win that opportunities quickly. We know that there’s a lot of competition in the world of business. Learning how to create more deals and bigger deals is the big thing you need to learn in the world of business. That’s why AS-SA is there to help you, they train people on how to be more effective against competition. And that’s a good thing because we want to be the best in our business and be successful. If you want to know about the courses leaders at AS-SA, their instructors are highly qualified and experienced the particular areas of sales. They are very professional and they really can help you to increase your sales performance. So why not enroll at AS-SA? They worked for over 26 years with many UK, European, American and other international companies. Be one of them now and be successful.

What a relief...

Mike has his day off today because he still need to take a rest because of the shot given by his doctor yesterday for his lower back. His doing fine right now but im bit worried because his doing lot of things like feeding the dogs, pick up the doggie poop, go to the store and buy some volts, driving, etc. I was worried of course because maybe the pain on his lower back will get worst. Right now his resting and he still feel the pain on his back. It seems like the drugs that his doctor give to him is not very effective. I dont know maybe it takes a while before the pain is gone. But its a big relief for me though because his always tell me that he is fine, nothing to worry about.

Bad Credit Credit Cards

Having a bad credit is really a big problem because if you do, it seems like its hard to get back to normal life if you get stock from your bad credit. You always thinking how to paid the credit your owe from them? You cant hardly get another credit if you want to. But now no worries at all because some of the credit companies they accept clients who has bad credit history. They can help you to get back on your feet and start a new life. One of the credit card companies who accept Bad Credit Credit Card is When I came across this website at, I found out that they have featured cards available at their website, you can choose also either one of the 13 Unsecured credit cards for people with Bad Credit. You can compare all the credit cards with each terms and conditions. If you are looking for a low annual fee, you better choose Orchard Bank Low APR MasterCards. The monthly fee is only $5-$8. How about the Continental Finance Gold MasterCard? Its only $25 for annual fee. Isn’t that great? Now you can start back on your feet and try this Unsecured Bad Credit Credit Card from Nothing to lose if you try it. Why not apply an unsecured credit cards from them and see how they can help you with these matters.

Most Sociable Blogger

I am one of the "most sociable blogger" who been nominated by Elaine. And im so glad to get the code of that poll from Jessie because i think it could help a lot if i add it to my sidebar at least my viewers and fellow bloggers who keep visiting my blog can see that poll. Please vote for me as most sociable blogger, i really appreciate all your voting and support. Even i am not one who been selected as winners but for me i am a winner for all time hehe :-) I really thankful to have friends online, i really treasure you all and thanks for always being there for me. Happy blogging everyone!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Destination Weddings

Have you ever dream of a having a very romantic wedding at white sand beaches of Mexican Reviera Maya? Still planning where to spend your honeymoon vacation? Being married happens only once in a lifetime, so you better choose the right destinations for your wedding and honeymoon. And I absolutely recommend the Riveira Maya, Mexico. I never been there but I heard many couples like that place and this is a very good destination to celebrate your weddings and honeymoon. Its very romantic place and this is an area of the Mexican Caribbean coast. You can choose to stay at their best hotel at Azul Hotels and El Dorado Spa Resorts and Hotels. For newlyweds I recommend El Dorado because this is a very great place for a couple to stay and have fun together as newlyweds. They can enjoy each other with their spa resorts and make a very romantic moment. If you are bored and just want to relax, you better choose Azul Hotels. This is the right place for you to relax and enjoy the view from the beach. So hurry and make a reservations for your destination weddings at Karisma Hotels. For more information visit their website and see how great it is to celebrate your wedding at their amazing hotels and resorts.

Smorty Forum - New

Smorty is making a big changes at their website. I think they will add forum with it so that all the bloggers can talk about anything about blogging or if they have any questions about smorty then they can share their opinions and points of view to all smorty members. I like the changes they make, it is easy to follow and its getting more exciting! And guess what? You can register your domain name for a very affordable price. They are making a blog also about smorty so you better check it out. They are showing also some of the top earners from their blog advertising. So far I grab 2 tasked from them, im so happy with it, its better than nothing right? So be one of the smorty members and earn extra money with them!

I am driving?

Yay, its been a long time I never drive our car. I think its been 3 or 4 months that I never tried to drive again. I failed 3 times for my driving test and i think my husband already giving up on me for my driving. Im really scared this morning when my husband told me that I will be his driver today because we will going to his doctor to check up. He’s still suffering the chronic pain he got on his lower back. It really bothers him a lot. So, the doctor give him a shot on his lower back just like the shot they are giving you when your in labor so that you wont feel the pain. He is not allowed to carry heavy things or something. He need to take a rest and don’t do anything. Well, on my driving he said im okay. Im glad because I didn’t hear any negative feedback from him. I drive slow and easy because I don’t want to have an accident and im so glad because we came home safe. Tomorrow he don’t have work because he ask 1 day off so that he can take a rest for the day then this Thursday he can go back to his work now if he start to feel better.

Trade Show Displays

Are you one of those people who join exhibitions and trade shows? Do you already have portable trade show displays? Talking about Trade Show Displays I know a website that could help you find the best portable trade show displays for a very affordable price. No other company in trade show community offers you the quality, price, options and service. You could only find it at GodFrey Group. What can godfrey group can offer? Well as you visit their website you can view different kinds of trade show displays with different styles from pop up, fabric, modular and custom displays. You can choose the best one you like that meets your every exhibition and trade show need. If I have a chance to join trade show and any kinds of exhibitions, I’d rather choose the standard truss designs. This is more convenient and versatile. I like the color too and the designs are perfect for my style. If you cant decide yet which one is the right for you then click the browse display design ideas. There you can generate more ideas on how to get started. Please visit godfreygroup and speak to your personal project manager. If you have any questions about your project then please call 1-800-789-9394. Hope you can find the best Trade Show Displays that meets your need.

1K Tuesday from IZEA

Wow, I cant believe that IZEA from ppp are giving 1K for this month. But this is only for Tuesday and Wednesday noon time. Wish I can grab one of the $50 opps from them. There will be 10 $50 opps and one $500 opps that IZEA will be given to all dedicated bloggers. So first come first serve hehe. I already seen four $50 but someone already taken the opportunity. I don’t know maybe my connection is too slow or maybe I am not qualified to take that opps. This afternoon when I refresh my opportunity box I saw $500 opps there that is color white so it means it is available for me but when I click reserve opportunity then it turns out gray and it said someone already taken that opps. I was so devastating huhuhu…. Wish I grab that tasked. Imagine $500 for 1 review? You cant see anything like that in any paid reviews. Well I am hoping that I can grab 1 or 2 tasked from them that pays $50. Will see what happens hehe. Good luck for me and to everyone!

People Search Engine

Searching people on the web is really fun especially if you search your favorite actors, actresses, singers, bands or anything. Not only that if you want to know that person, you can learn more about them because they provide information for the people you been searching online. I always use other search engine to search artist people. I like to know more about artist and I try to research it at I found many including Leonardo Da Vinci, Pablo Picasso and Vincent van Gogh. They are my favorite artist for whole time. They are great artist and guess what? They provide information with them like what is the reason of their death, who are they and more. It is very interesting to know about them. I really love because they really give you good information about the people you search either it’s a celebrities actor and actresses, artist, singers and models. So what are you asking for? If other search engine couldn’t give you the information about the people who search, then try then see how they can help you find the one that you are looking for. - the best for people search. Try it now! Visit!

Monday, February 18, 2008

My Favorite Computer Desk

I am dreaming of having this kind of computer desk. It is made of glass and i really like it a lot. This is my favorite of all computer desks. Our computer is starlogic flat screen and i think it is the same computer on the picture but its more bigger. What i like about this glass computer desk is that it is very organize and you can save a lot of space with it. If you like this glass computer desk you can get it at

Bed bugs

Way back in the Philippines, I always encounter little bug in our bed and I been beaten before with a little bed bugs. I don’t know how to get rid of them, even I use some bug spray but it didn’t help. It seems like it getting worst that’s why we decided to buy another bed because they destroying our mattress. If you are the one who encountered bed bugs and want to save your mattress then you better check bed bugs guide. This is the place where you could learn how to kill bed bugs. If you’ve got a bed bug infestation or worried about them, they have all information about bed bugs, bedbug bite symptoms, signs of bed bugs and etc. Visit bed bugs guide now and see for yourself how they could help you to get rid of that bugs and learn from their natural remedies too.

Four things tagged...

I got this tagged from Joy, thank you for sharing this tagged to me, so here it goes:

Four Places I lived(this places is somewhere in philippines)
Davao City
Colorado, USA

Four movies I’ve watched over and over
50 First Date

Four shows I watch:
American Idol
Dance Contest
Boston Legal

Four people who e-mail me regularly:
Some advertisements...

Four favorite things to eat:
French Fries

Four places I’d rather be:

Four things I look forward to this year:
Disneyland vacation
Make more money for my blogging
Save more this year
Spend more time with my love ones

I am passing this tagged to Elaine, Janet, Weng, fil-am journey and joydob.

Wheelchair Lifts

Have any problem of putting the wheelchair or scooter inside your car? If you put the wheelchair inside your car it takes a lot of space, so you better have external and internal lifts that could carry your unit on the back of your vehicle. It is more easier and you still have lot of space on your car. If you are looking for an External and Internal Lifts models you better check at usmedicalsupplies for scooter and wheelchair lifts. There you can find the wheelchair lifts that you need. And all of this wheelchair or scooter lifts are made from the highest quality materials so it is really good and I am sure you will be satisfied with this product. What are you waiting for? Call their mobility lift experts now at 800-787-1752.

Most Sociable Blogger Poll

Helo to all my fellow bloggers vote me for "most sociable blogger of the month". You can view the poll at this website JPSimbulan, im looking forward for all your support. Elaine nominated me at this one and im really thankful for that. I really appreciate it Elaine. I will do the same to you also if you will be nominated as most sociable blogger. I owe you a lot girl! Hope you all support me with this, happy blogging to all!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Changing my blog title...

Maybe you all wondering why I change the title of my blog. My femikey journey and thoughts of life was already changed to Computer Desk Journey and Thoughts of life from my computer desks. I think I like it that way especially now that someone giving me an offer to add their website to my link and also at the title and tags. It helps also to boast the traffic on my search engine and that way maybe my pagerank will increased more. I make all the changes this morning and im happy because im done with it and im just waiting for their e-mail if there’s some more that need to changed. I am willing to make a changes especially if they make an offer. I know its not easy to make extra money online but now I know how blogging works and how make money with it and through this, I can make even more. For this month I almost make $700 for my blogging and its really good! I don’t need to find a job outside because I can make that money with my computer.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

California Cosmetic Surgeon

Why many people nowadays wants to undergo plastic surgery? I think they want to look good and feel great right? Everyone wants to feel comfortable and happy the way they looks. All of us are not perfect, we have some problem one or another part of our body either to our eyes, nose, lips, our breast or any part of our body. Sometimes it makes them feel like they need to do something with it or else no one will going to like them. If people thinks that way? Sometimes it really affect their personal life, lovelife and even their career. If you can afford the surgery then why not right? No one will going to lose if you try and I am sure you will be happy after the result. I heard many celebrities undergo surgery, of course they want to always feel good and look beautiful in front of the camera or even to other people they are socializing with.

Nowadays, the main problem of some women are body fat. They are very conscious to their weight that’s why they undergo for liposuction. There’s a lot of them having successful and they are happy for the result. They get back to their happy life, not conscious at all and they feel really sexy after the surgery. How about breast reduction? I heard many women undergo for breast enhancement too. Talking about plastic surgery, have you ever heard rodeodriveplasticsurgery? They are located in Southern California. California cosmetic surgeon is really good when it comes to any kind of surgery from face, breast, body and skin. They are very professional and customer friendly. The founder and medical director of Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery located in Beverly Hills California is Dr. Llyod Krieger. He is very educated person and he knows everything about surgery. So you better check out their website and see how rodeo drive plastic surgery could help you to change your life!

Q and A tagged...

Thanks Elaine for this tagged, i really appreciate it. :-) hope you had great day, thanks for nominating me for sociable bloggers award!

Are you in a complicated love situation? No
Do you hate more than 3 people? I never feel hated to anyone, i am friendly person :-)
The last thing you drank? Coke hehe
Favorite chocolate bar? Hershey
How many pairs of shoes do you own? more than 5
Favorite genre of music? Pop and r&b
Do you like beer? I dont drink alcohol except one glass of wine
What are your favorite color(s)? Yellow, white, pink and blue
Is anyone in love with you? Yes my husband
Pepsi or Sprite? Sprite
How many video games do you own? No video games only computer games.
Does looks matters? For me it doesn't matter, all of us are creation of God.
Are you too forgiving? Yes, i easily forgive and forget
Do you own a gun? My husband does for protection
What did you do last night? Watching movie with my husband
Nicknames? Faye, Fe, Femikey
Are you thinking about somebody right now? Yes my husband
Are you happy with your life right now? Oh yeah!
Do you like your hair? Yes i like my long hair
Does anyone like you? I think so, i have lots of friends.
Last thing you read? My review about cosmetic surgery
Are you afraid of the dark? Not so much i can sleep even its dark
Have you ever stripped? No, only for my hubby lolz :-)
Can you cook? I know little bit
Money or Love? God first, 2nd is love and last is money
Do you enjoy scary movies? Not so much i prefer comedy and love story
When was the last time you said “i love you”? everyday we always say i love u to each other.

Friday, February 15, 2008

We add more fish!

All the baby molly fish died except 1. Its too sad to think about it that they didn't make it. Only one baby molly fish survive. Maybe they been eaten or maybe they are weak. But anyway, we decided to add more fish on our tank because we only got 4 fish that time and then the other one died (gourami), now i am afraid to get another gourami because maybe it will die again just like the other one. This morning we got another 4 fish, 2 white molly, 2 bloodfin tetra and 1 fresh water shrimp. It is really fun to watch them swimming because it really makes me feel so relax. Dustin love to watch our aquarium all the time, he always say "Fish". Now that we have more fish to our aquarium, my husband still thinking about having the big one hehe :-) Anyway, will see what happens to them after few days, hope they will survive to their new fish tank.

Denver Broncos

The Broncos Team been around since 1960 and my husband just born that time. The people in Denver have always love the Broncos. And since then they have grown into a team with high expectations every year. It wasn’t always that way for the Broncos. Until the late 70’s the Broncos didn’t have much success although in 1977 they did make it the Super Bowl where the Dallas Cowboys defeated them 27 to 10. A couple years later along came a quarter back named John Elway that would change their fortunes for many years. With him running the show, they only suffered 2 losing seasons in the next 14 years. Along with winning 2 super bowls, they regularly made the playoffs. The Broncos have had many fine players over the years besides Elway. This is the Denver Broncos history, they start in 1960's and until now they been known as great team in Denver. I am one of Denver Broncos avid fans, i love watching their game all the time. And i am so proud of them! So, Don’t forget to watch NFL football at NFL Channel!

Thunder new picture

Look at this photo, he look so sad, maybe he still thinking how they can get the fish on our fish tank. He has a nice pose here though, his getting big everyday. He weight 135 lbs and the female Princess weight 115. So he is heavier than Princess. Maybe this weekend we will bring them again at Petsmart or Petco, so that they can be around with the other dogs. It helps them a lot to be social to people and to other animals.

US Immigration Law Forum

I am new to this country. I am from Philippines and I arrived here 2 years ago. Im still working with my citizenship and I have my permanent residency card. I don’t know much about us immigration law but my husband try to explain it to me how immigration law work. Sometimes I look online about immigration and I came across this website at visa, they have forum there about Immigration help, you can ask questions and share your views. They have family-based immigration provided to their forum. If you have questions about adjustment of status, citizenship and naturalization, consular processing, employment authorization, Fiance Visa, immigration petition processing, lawful permanent residents and more. Then visit for more information.

Relaxing time...

Its Friday and this is what were going to do for this weekend. My husband has an extra day off this weekend from work, so we had more time to spend together. Maybe we will go out somewhere, walk in the mall, see movies or take a ride to mesa. How about you what you are going to do this weekend? :-)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Prague Hotels

I was searching online about Hotels in Prague, the capital city of Czech Republic. Have you ever been on that place? I heard that they have nice hotels over there. When i came across at their website and i found out that they provide photos on each hotels including the 5 start hotel in Prague and even the 4 star and 3 stars hotels. So you can really choose where is the best Hotel to stay. I think this is a good place to plan a family vacation especially now that its Valentines Day, we need to take our love ones to the nicest place in the world. Most of their hotels are located close to major tourist attractions like in Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, Wenceslas square, major theatres and a lot more. I think you will really enjoy your stay at Prague Hotels. Please visit prague hotel and for every reservation you make they offer a free transport from Prague airport. So hurry and make your reservation now at the great Prague Hotels.

Im in hurry...

Well this morning, i am not expected that our book study will be more earlier than before, i thought we will have book study at 2:30pm but then she called me and she will be here in a minute. Im not done yet cleaning so i am in hurry to clean the house, get ready for my book study, change, give dustin his lunch, feed the dog and wash the dishes. Im glad i vacuum our carpet floor and our couch this morning and clean the floor as well because its really mess here in the house this morning because it is muddy outside and dog is really dirty, thats why i need to clean their mess hehe :-)

Who loves paintball?

Looking for a cheap paintball guns? Visit, here you can find paintball guns cheap for a very affordable paintball stuff that I am sure you would enjoy. I know many people are really into this game. This is fun though, you can play with your friends, family and even your workmate. Anyone can play this type of game. This is not a real gun, this is just like a toy. Mostly people use this when they are on practice or people doing it for fun. I never tried this game before but we have friends that really into this game. They said its really exciting game, lots of fun but I don’t know if I can handle it because I never tried to hold a gun every since. But If you are those people who love this game and you need a paintball guns then this is the website I absolutely recommend. Get the paintball guns that you need, you can order it online for a very affordable price. Its free shipping for the orders over $99. Have fun playing!

You are my own special miracle

The days we share are my blessing.
The memories we make are my treasures.
The togetherness we have is my dream come true.
And the understanding we share is
something i've never had with anyone but you...

If anyone ever asked me what part of my life you are...
I would just have to look at them and smile
and say, "his the best part."

The happiness you give to me is
something i'll never be able to get enough of.
I love having you in my world.
And i love having you to love.

Happy valentines Day to you my love.

Bakersfield Car Insurance

Looking for a cheap car insurance in California? I know someone who could help you to get a quote for your car insurance and compare all the prices. Have you ever heard bakersfield car insurance? They are the insurance business since 1980 and they been growing ever since. Their business are expanding all over the State and they have 10 locations in Southern California. Call them today and get your car insurance quote fast at 661-833-5445. If you don’t know their location yet, you can easily find them at the map. So, please visit for more information.

Happy Valentines to all!

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Hubby and Me celebrate Valentines everyday. We dont need special date to celebrate it. We always show love to one another and cherish each other. If we encounter problem, we try to find solution right away and try to fix it in a good way. We dont wait until sunrise to solve our problem. We say sorry if we make mistakes, say thank you and i love you everyday. Thats the way we show love to one another even its not valentines day. Happy Valentines day to all and to you my love!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

BT Home IT Support

Everyday we always encounter problem to our internet connection. There’s a day that the connection is too slow and sometimes if you download lot of videos and files then it froze or hanged. It happens to my computer all the time, maybe I download many files, photos and pictures. Sometimes my computer shut down especially if I open more windows in a time. Even I defrag my computer once a week still didn’t help. Well, I think I need an IT expert to help me with this matter. One of my friend recommend me with this BT Home IT Support. They are one of the expert who knows about computer. They do computer repair by phone. They can fix things while were watching. Isn’t that amazing? They solve many problems when it comes to computer and they accept pc repair too like if the connection is not working, if the computer is too slow, how to set up wireless printer, if you receive loads of pop ups and more. For more information about Home IT Support and how they can help you with your computer problem, then visit their website at