Friday, February 22, 2008

Teen killed in gang war

While im reading Mindanao Times News, it caught my attention about this 19 year old teenager been killed in gang war. I know there's a lot of gang happening in Mindanao right now and this happens in Panacan, still part of Davao. I know that place, i been there before because one of my friend live there. The 19 year old teenager identified him as Batoy and he is known member of the "Chowking Gang" and they encountered other rival gang member as "Hustisya Gang". Im glad police caught them but its too bad because Batoy died at his early age.

Here is the news written by Guy Lorenzo Lao

A 19-year-old teenager was jointly stabbed by a group of alleged gang members in Purok San Miguel, Kilometer 14, Panacan, yesterday dawn. Relatives of the victim claimed the body at the Angel Funeral Homes in Barangay Sasa and identified him as Jojem Batoy, 19, resident of Dream Village, Panacan. Witnesses told police that Batoy was a known member of the ‘Chowking Gang’ at the place, who encountered a rival gang, “Hustisya Gang.” PO2 Zaldy Rom of Sasa Police told the Times that Batoy, along with his other gang members, ran away when they found out they were outnumbered. But the rival gang caught up with Batoy. PO2 Rom identified the leader of the rival gang as Jaymar Cabrong, 21, resident of Panacan Public Market.

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