Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday Greetings...

Hello everyone! good morning and happy friday! Its friday morning and its really cold out, i have few tasked to do but before i do that i need to feed the dog and my son first before i start doing my thing here online. I already done my cleaning yesterday so i will just do vacuum and clean the floor this afternoon. I will do that maybe before lunch. My husband will work 8 hours today so its good. He will be home early then and maybe we can go out for dinner tonight. I dont know yet, im waiting for my husband decision or i think its better to stay home for dinner so that we can save. Its too expensive to go out dinner tonight. Hmm maybe i can just cook the pot roast at my crock pot what do you think? i will start cooking at 10am. Friday is my favorite day and tomorrow we need to go to Eagle to deposit $150 for my family so that they can have an extra allowance this month. I love going to eagle because its a nice ride, hopefully it wont snow tomorrow!

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