Thursday, February 21, 2008

Homeowner Loan

This year we really need to tight our budget because we pay so much for our bills. We payed 2 payments for our 2 mortgages and were in budget today because if we buy more things that we don’t need so much then our debt will definitely increased. We already get refinance to this house so that its not too heavy for us to pay 2 mortgage in a time. And as a parents we need to cut expenditures on our children too. We have 2 year old son and he has a lot of clothes though so we don’t need to buy more clothes for him because one of our friend giving us some clothes that came from his growing up grand son. So it’s a relief for us not to spend more this month, we only spend for grocery shopping. I know most parents are planning to spend less this year so that they can save more. When it comes to financial, we need to be thrifty sometimes, don’t spend too much for nothing. When I read this news at magic loans about “Parents cutting expenditure on children”. I think that’s a good idea that parents need to do. Especially to those parents having more than 1 children. It said here that debt fears have resulted in tightened family budgets, with 44 percent of those with children under the age of 18 claiming to be struggling make ends met. Oh yeah, its true. Toys is really expensive nowadays and I know kids love to buy more toys and clothes too as well. So you better go to garage sale and find toys, you can save more and maybe you can get a good stuff through garage sale. Anyway, if you want to know about Homeowner Loan, please visit and for more information about this news that im talking about please check this out: Parents cuttings expenditures on Children.

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