Thursday, February 21, 2008

Back to work...

My husband go back to work this morning, he need to attend safety meeting in Riffle. It takes only about few hours then he will be home at 5:00 pm. Tomorrow he will work 8 hours because its Friday and he has 2 days off Saturday and Sunday. Thats good because he can spend more time with me and Dustin. I think we will go to the mall and let Dustin play at their kids playground. It helps a lot for Dustin to be with other kids so that he wont feel shy anymore and scared to other kids. Tonight we have our group book study, i dont know if we can make it but will see if my husband feel okay. I am almost done for my cleaning for the day, i just need to finished vacuum then after that we will eat lunch together with my son Dustin and get ready for my book study for this afternoon.

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