Thursday, February 21, 2008

Money Magic

Why is it that mortgage lending is increasing this month of January? Is it not the same as last month? Me and my husband has 2 mortgages and he is trying to refinance for this house and get a lower payment for our second mortgage, so this month we will probably save a lot, we will receive our mortgage payment on our new house next month so we’re still waiting for that. Well as the news I read at about “January sees mortgage lending increase”. It gives me ideas why this month they has revealed that the lending increased to an estimated £26.5 billion last month so it is really higher than last month of December. But when general Michael Coogan said that there is considerable in the housing market and at the moment they expect lending volumes to be lower in the coming months. I think that’s a good news, it is really good if they decrease the lending mortgage next month. It’s a big relief especially for us that we pay 2 payments for our 2 mortgage. Anyway if you are from UK, check this Mortgages UK and find the mortgage you need at You Get a fast free mortgage quotes too at their website. Please inquire now and see how money magic can help you with your mortgage.

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