Friday, January 29, 2016

Partners on service...

I am happy to work with these three lovely ladies on service last Wednesday together with two other friends of ours, they are currently on their return visits when we took this photo. It was such a nice day! 

my sweetie pie...

This is me and my little sweetie pie Dana. We are getting ready to pick up her brother at school. She didn't go to school today because she had a tummy ache in the morning. But I am glad she get well in the afternoon. She's our little sweetheart, love this photo of her and me together, she's ready to give me her kisses! (muwaaahh..)(kisses to you too baby)...

pretty pearly bird...

Our little Pearly bird like to be on top of my computer. Whenever I put her on my shoulder, she jump off on top of my computer and stay there for a while.  She is our sweet little Pearly. She is the best Bird we have. Good thing she didn't poop on my computer (lols)...

dog funny pose...

This is our 10 years old English Mastiff (Thunder). It was funny because he keep looking at me when I was holding the camera and then suddenly when I say smile Thunder, he look at me and then he try to roll over and he give me this kind a funny looking pose with a smile too! Funny dog, he is such a sweetheart. He is our gentle giant dog. He just like to lay down and sleep for the day, kind a lazy dog isn't it? But they are really good guard dogs :-) 

My colorful hat...

I am just trying on this funny colorful thing you put in your hair, its like a wig. One of the kids friend brought it at their sleep over and I thought I could try it on and take a picture of it myself and see how it looks like. Its look like a hat too and I remember the movie the madagascar when they are doing their circus thing. So now I remember, that's why I hear the kids singing that song from madagascar whenever they wear it (lols....)

Friday, January 15, 2016

Pizza for dinner tonight...

Kids are so excited because daddy just call and he said he will bring Pizza tonight for dinner because his boss will pay for it! I don't eat Pizza that much but yes, once in a while we do eat pizza. Sometimes once a week or once every two weeks. It's like once or twice a month only. My family's favorite Pizza is the Pretzel cheesy pizza and Pepperoni Pizza from Little Caesars. Me and my daughter love Hawaiian Pizza with lots of ham, pineapple and cheese! So that means, I don't need to make dinner tonight. It's my rest day :-)

Fil-American Love Story - LDR

At last I finish the video that I been working on since couple days ago. I really wanted to make this video a long time but I never get a chance to do it. I need to look old photos, gather them together, just pick the one that I like and make sure the video won't be that long. So I make it brief just about a 4 minute video from the beginning until 2015 when we had our 10th year anniversary. 2016 will going to be a new chapter in our life so best wishes for the both of us and thanks for all the blessings! 

This video shows that you can really find true love online if you are really serious about it and I know it's hard to find a person like Mike and I am so blessed that we found each other. Now we are blessed with two beautiful children and our life is more happier than ever before. 

Time to shovel the snow...

We got tons of snow this week, so the kids and I went outside and start shoveling the snow. I finish about half of it and wow my arms are sore after. Well, my husband finish the rest when he got home from work so it works out really good. The kids help me a little bit then they end up playing in the snow after. It was snowing all day, so I guess we will get some more snow! Its better to start shoveling now before it gets packed up with snow then it will be hard to shovel when it gets froze.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Another place to go sledding!

Beaver Creek Reservoir 

Here another place to go sledding with your family on winter. We just found out this area last weekend and its a great place to bring your toboggan and your saucer! Its a great way to spend time with friends and family. Its a nice view too! Will surely back at this place sometime :-) 

sledding with friends!

This is a good time of the year where you can take your kids and bring friends to go sledding! We do this every winter and the kids love it. We go at the same place we went last year, its not that far from our house and the hill is just right for the kids. But we heard another place where we can sled and its about couple miles from this area. So last weekend we spy out the place and see where it is and we found it and we are able to stay and sled for couple hours. Next time will go to that another sledding area in the valley and it will going to be a blast for the kids. So will see...


Sunday, December 27, 2015

daddy and dana moment

It was such a great day that daddy is taking Dana for a ride in the toboggan. She is very happy, daddy pulled her all the way to the alley back to the front yard. Its a lot of work for daddy to pull our little girl but they did it! They came back happy and exhausted :-) 

10 years and still inlove!

Here's our family photo in our 10th year Anniversary together with our two lovely kids. 10 years and we still in love to each other! Best wishes to all couples that are celebrating their 10th year Anniversary too and more years to come for all of us!

yummy red velvet cake for our anniversary

We don't eat cake that much unless if its special day. So since its our 10th year Anniversary, we decided to buy a special cake and we all like red velvet cake. This is really absolutely delicious, better than ice cream I guess. We also got red wine to go with it. So we really enjoy our simple meal in our anniversary. It will always be remembered and more years to come for both of us!

Our new Toboggan from LLBean

We got our new toboggan! We are planning to go for a sledding this week somewhere in the mountain, not sure where, but we can't wait to try our toboggan! My daughter already ride on it, daddy pulled here in the block through the alley. I bet its a lot of work to pulled this little girl! We missed our ATV! wish we didn't sell it last year but its okay, we might get another one next year. We got this toboggan at for $179, prices is not so bad and we read good reviews about this toboggan so hopefully we can use this for couple of years and were looking forward for our sledding this week until my son recover his cold. So will see... 

Friday snow

Isn't this beautiful? Its look like a snow flower. We got couple of inches this week. The snow starts last Friday til now and we got about 4 inches, not that much but I think we will have it for quiet a while since the temperature is dropping this week to negative one or more. Feels like a real freezer out here. Hopefully this snow will melt next week! 

Our 10th year anniversary...

December 19th is our 10th year Anniversary. I can't believe we made it! So more years to come for me and my bebeeh! We just celebrated it at home with our two lovely kids. I cooked a very special meal for us. I made a rib eye steak, lobster in butter sauce, grilled vegies, we also bought a red velvet cake and a red wine to make it special and thanks for the beautiful flowers. We took a family photos together, we turn the 1950s music on and we dance until we all worn out :-) that was such a very special day for us that I will always remember. Happy 10th year Anniversary to both us bebeeh!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Send money to your family abroad at XOOM!

I live here in the USA and I have my family who live in the Philippines. I send allowance to my family twice a month. I used western union before but now I found the one that is easy and convenient for me to use. I can send them anytime, any day in the comfort of my home using my computer, or I can use my phone to send money while I am away at home. I don't need to go at the store or in a bank to rush myself and be away home and the transfer fee is only $7.99. This is the very convenient for me to send money to my family in the Philippines and they can pick it up at the most convenience location they have available in the area that accept Xoom and Western Union Payment. Anyway, if you have family in the Philippines and you still looking for a way how you can send them money, then you might like to try XOOM, you will absolutely love it, its very easy to use and I been using XOOM for more than 5 years now and so far I never had problem with it. Give it a try and see! Send money to your family in the Philippines using XOOM now!

Family fun time...

This afternoon, we go out in the backyard and play football as a family. It was nice, that's my first time to play, I see the joy in my kids eyes, they love every single moment of it. We laugh, we giggle, we chase each other. Too bad nobody is taking picture of us, that will be a good remembrance to watch but its okay, maybe next time I will take a video of it. After we play outside, we go inside the house, drink water and have snack then we also play card games Sequence. This is what we do on weekends. Just spending time with my husband and kids makes me happy. I am very fortunate to have such a wonderful family. 

Me and my little bird friend Pearly

She give me a kiss

She loves my kisses too

She's my little friend, she is like a baby

Meet my little friend Pearly - she's about 6 months old. We got her at Paradise Pet Shop in Pueblo. We bought her as a gift for my 6 year old daughter. I spend a lot of time with her than my daughter especially when they are at school. I am stay at home mom so I taking care of her and play with her while I'm at home. She wakes us up in the morning and she makes good morning sound. She knows my voice and everytime she see me she wants to go out in her cage and play with me. She just likes to be in my shoulder and put her head under my neck, I think that's how she show love and say hi to me and she give me kisses too :-) She is such a sweetheart and I'm glad we have her. She is part of our family now together with our two guinea pigs and 3 dogs. 

Sunday, November 8, 2015

November is here!

Well, here it goes, November is here! Lot of people are busy buying stuff for the Halloween. Then Thanksgiving are coming too, good thing we don't need to make a big deal out of this holiday. But we respect those people that does celebrate it. We have our reason why we don't celebrate holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines because of its Pagan origin and I bet some of you guys know why. My family in the Philippines they are doing All Saints and All Souls Day and that's the time when they go to the cemetery and clean my dad and sister's grave yard. Its already a tradition every month of November. Anyway, we did a lot for this month, we help clean the kingdom hall, we spend time with our brothers and sisters and have lunch with them, we watch football games with friends, go out in the ministry and have our family worship once a week and we watch the broadcasting for this month. This week, me and my kids make a Caleb and Sofia cardboard project. It was nice, kids love it and we really enjoy spending time together as a family, we also play sequence and sorry games at night. That's what we do this first week of the month of November. How about you what you did this month? Feel free to share!