Sunday, October 19, 2014

Femikey eBooks...

We just create our new business facebook accounts for our ebooks, feel free to like our page at We just posted our new 5 ebooks that are now available at Kindle Amazon. If you are interested to find out what our ebooks is all about, just click the photos below and it will take you directly to the Amazon. Thanks!
This are the 3 ebooks that my husband Mike finished couple weeks ago and they are all available now at kindle Amazon!  

At Calvillo's Mexican Restaurant...

Almost every Sunday we go to Calvillo's Mexican Restaurant at Del Norte for dinner. They have pretty good food there. One of our favorite restaurant here in town. Yesterday, it was Saturday we end up eating there again of course with our loving friends Lila and Mary. It was such a nice visit yesterday, they seems like they are doing a renovation, they put the buffet menu in the middle and it looks pretty nice now. My kids says "they are doing upgrade!". So far their menu was taste great, they always have my favorite dish, the enchilada, chicharones, the chili is pretty good too, my kids like the taquitos, rice and meat, the fajitas and their chili rellenos is the best! We will absolutely come back for more! maybe next Sunday? or maybe every next weekend, it depends if we have budget for the family (laughs...)

Kids with Grandma

It was an exciting moment for the kids to met their Grandma! It's my mom first time to met my little girl Dana, she met my eldest son last 2007 when he is 19months old. Now, he is a grown up boy, he is 8years old. Its been 7 years before our last visit in my hometown Philippines. I feel really overwhelmed seeing my whole family and friends. Two and a half weeks seems not enough, days went by so fast. But I'm glad everyone is happy and that we enjoy visiting my family. Not sure when we are going to get back but hopefully not for long.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Craving Tostada

I was craving tostada this past couple days and now, mary and I went to the bakery here at downtown and have tostada! Yum! I got two of them actually and Mary order a mini pepperoni pizza. I am not crazy of tostada before, but one time when we had break time from service, we stop by at the local bakery shop in the valley and I order and try their tostada and I was pretty amazed, they had really good tostada here. So I will give thumbs up to Don Thomas Bakery here in San Luis Valley for their good food and service. Thanks!

Huge Zucchini...

This is the biggest zucchini we ever had! This zucchini is not came from our garden! it came from somebody else garden. Anyhow, a friend of ours give me this huge zucchini and it was heavy! I thought it was a watermelon or some kind of a squash but she told me, one of her friend also give her tons of big huge zucchini from their garden and she dont know what to do with it, so she give me one too because she know I like to make zucchini bread and cookies for the kids. Well, I already cook half of it and give her some zucchini bread and cookies for her kids too. That was nice of her for thinking about me. So I am still thinking to make some more zucchini bread and cookies this week, need to use it before it gets bad, we dont want to waste it. I'll post some photos on my next post. Enjoy!

Our Travel Feet - Paradise Island Samal Davao Philippines

This is our family travel feet! Photos taken last September 2014 at Paradise Island Samal Davao Philippines! It was a nice resort, they have great food, nice beach and they have big shaded area in their resorts. We all love the place and we would like to come back there again next time on our next visit in the Philippines!

Monday, October 6, 2014

at Philippine Eagle, Davao Philippines

This is my husband, Mike. We love the huge trees up there, very nice place, its a real rain forest, nice to hear birds noise and the cool air, love our visit at the Philippine Eagle, Davao Philippines!

Wow, that's a huge bamboo tree! Very nice!

Our family photos!

This is kite, he is such a pretty bird :-)

Its me! my selfie at the entrance of the Philippine Eagle, Davao Philippines! Love to go back there again sometime when we get back in our vacation again! I love Davao!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Fun Pics at Crocodile Park


These are all our family fun pics when we visited Crocodile Park first week of September, 2014. It was a nice visit and I'm glad to be back in my hometown after 7 years! That was a long time and being there again makes me happy. It's a good experience for the kids to see some other places in Davao and to experience to ride the public transportation in Davao like Jeepney, Tricycle and Taxi :-)

Talking Mynah Bird at the Crocodile Park, Davao Philippines

This Mynah Bird really give us a surprise when we visit Crocodile Park, Davao Philippines first week of September. He keep saying "Pangit" (means Ugly). So my daughter and son was laughing when they heard it. It was so cute! When we got back, we hear him saying "hello" to us. That was incredible! :-)

Crocodiles at Crocodile Park Davao Philippines

Here are some of the photos we took at the Crocodile Park, we didn't see the biggest crocodile but we saw couples of them. The yearling stage crocodile, the grown up and some big ones too. It was nice, it looks nice than I can remember a long time ago when I visited crocodile park. They also added some other animals like birds, orangutan, pheasants, ostrich, philippine dear and more. We had lunch too at one of their finest restaurant in the area. It was nice :-) We really enjoy our visit at the Crocodile Park, Davao Philippines.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

My kids holding the eagle and a parrot at Crocodile Park Davao, Philippines

This photo was taken when we went to Crocodile Park, Davao Philippines in our two in a half weeks vacation in the Philippines. We visit my family and see some nice places in Davao and one of it is the Crocodile Park. We didn't see the biggest crocodile that time. We saw a lot of crocodiles though, different birds and animals. I can tell that the Crocodile Park is really a nice place to visit. It not as big as a zoo but it worth to visit with the family and we really had fun!

Conquer my fear...

I admit that I have a fear of snake because of the experience I have when I was young. It was so sudden on that moment that I almost past out. But here I am now, willing to conquer my fear. I am really scared to touch or hold a snake but when the moment come when we went to Crocodile Park, Philippines on our vacation last couple weeks ago. I really wanted to try it even just once and see if I can do it. Seems like the snake is very harmless and the lady said, the snake is used to be holding by people so I give it a try and here I am! It takes only couple minutes to hold the snake and I feel nervous and I feel like I'm shaking but I didn't whine or cry :-). Anyway this is the photo of me holding the yellow python at the Crocodile Park, Davao Philippines. I made it! You can't hardly see my fear at this photo, I am still smiling but shaking inside hehe :-)

Sept. 2014, Crocodile Park, Davao Philippines

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Our Philippine Trip Jouney...

Hi everybody, "I'm back on blogging!". Just want to keep my blog updated for this week. We just got back for our vacation in the Philippines. I will keep posted all the photos and what we did for that two in a half weeks visit in the Philippines with my family. It was a nice visit, not perfect but I am happy to be back home in my hometown. It was a long ride from here to San Francisco. It takes about 2 days to get there. We stayed for the first night at Needles, California and the next day we stay at the El Rancho Inn Best Western in San Francisco. Our flight to San Francisco to Manila Philippines is about 12-13hrs. It was a long plane flight but it turn out really good. We arrive in the Philippines September 1st and we get back in San Francisco September 17 and we got back last Friday Sept. 19. It was a long trip! Glad to be home safe! now we are back in reality :-)

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

double rainbow

What a beautiful creation of our Almight God! We saw a double rainbow when we headed back to Southfork. The rainbow was beautiful. We see the end of the rainbow very clearly! But the more we get closer to it, it gets further and further. Anyhow, that was an amazing sight! It was totally awesome that we see it closely, just infront of us while were driving. We went to Creede to have dinner at Freemons General Store that time because my husband and I love their hamburger and chili fritos and especially their ice cream!

First day of school!

Yesterday is my son's first day of school. He is in 3rd grade now. He is very excited and of course he is looking forward for the things he will learn this year. Hopefully this year will  be an awesome year for him, just like last year. He has a very awesome teacher and he already meet all  his classmates. I went to see him on lunch time together with his little sister and he was very happy and tomorrow, my little girl will be in school too. Wednesday will be her first day on Kindergarten. She is very excited! she met her teacher last year and she already started to like her. So hope both of them will have a great time at school this year. I will going to miss them both. I will be alone in the house and I will try to visit them both if I get a chance. Both of my kids are growing fast! Can't believe that i already have a kindergarten and a 3rd grader! Time went by so fast and tomorrow? we will start our trip going to San Francisco! Hope to have a safe trip to our family and can't wait to see my hometown Philippines on the 1st week of September!

Getting ready for school!

My kids is getting ready for school! We bought them their school supply last week and they are very excited to be in school. But, we will meet their teachers on 25th and 27th and on 28th, we will be going to San Francisco and ride a plane going to Philippines from there. We will be gone for 3 weeks and the kids will be excuse for the meantime for our vacation trip to Philippines this September. When we get back, they will be back on school too. So far, we didn’t start our packing yet, we will do that next week. It will be a fun time spending with my family! This will be the first time that my family especially my mom to see my 5 year old daughter. That was 7 years ago when we visit my family and my son was 19 months old that time. Now, my son is a grown up boy, he is 8 years old now and I am sure they are also excited to see me and my husband and most especially my kids.

Things we wanted to do when we get there...

1. Visit one of the nicest beaches in Davao

2. Spend time with my family, relatives and friends

3. Go Shopping!

4. Walk at Downtown area

5. Visit some places in town not sure where

6. Taking pictures!

7. Eat at one of the finest restaurant in town

8. Have fun, fun, fun!

9. Make our vacation worth it

10. Let my kids try to ride at the popular transportation in Davao

11. Enjoy our visit and more relax time!

Femikey trip to Philippines

One more week and we will be going to my hometown Philippines! I am very excited to see my family there especially my mom, siblings, relatives and friends. But at the same time, I am kind a anxious and nervous. I don’t know how it will turn out when we get there, but I am anticipating that moment to be back in my home town again and see some places that I never been before. I heard that they have a lot of new buildings, malls, condominiums and new businesses out there now. It is really a growing City and I am excited to see it. We will be staying in one of the Condominiums there closer where my mom lived. The white sand beaches and resorts is one of the places I want to see there too. Its been 7 years since my last visit in my hometown and I’m so glad that we will made it this year. We already book our reservation going to San Francisco and book our ticket already so all we do now is getting ready and pray for our safe trip!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Our Family Foot

Our family travel foot! :-) we're watching the movie "NOAH". It's nice to sit down and watch movie as a family. We didn't have popcorn to eat but we really enjoy to spend time together. It was a nice movie actually, my favorite part is when all the animals came and went inside the ark, it was spectacular!

Golden Trout for dinner!

Isn't that looks yummy? We bought this golden trout at Safeway today and it was looking good! I like it fried because its crispy and juicy inside. The taste is very mild and I only put salt, pepper, lemon and soy sauce and it turns out really good. I really miss my hometown Philippines, there I can eat a lot of sea food especially grilled fish! :-)