Tuesday, October 22, 2019

World Showcase Illuminations: Reflections of Earth Fireworks Show at EPCOT

I would say that this Fireworks Show at EPCOT is the best fireworks show I have ever seen! It was spectacular, breathtaking and amazing! We all enjoyed it! the kids can't get enough of it! They want to see it again! Me and my daughter was taking the videos and I end up losing the one I have on my digicam, so good thing my daughter took the video in her phone, so we have a back up video on it! The video for the Fireworks Show is at 9:56, you can fast forward the video if you like or you can view the whole video! thank you for watching and don't forget to subscribe!

Our EPCOT Experience and Rides Video

Just want to share this video of our experience and rides at EPCOT. This is a late upload from last year 2018. 

So we didn't have a tour guide that time, we are on our own! Good thing is we don't have to use our fastpass to get in for the "Test Track" ride. There are couple of rides that is not allowed for taking videos just like "Soarin". Frozen Ever After is really fun also. We end up getting wet at the end of the ride, it was kind  a surprise since we are sitting in front of that boat. 

Hope you enjoyed the videos! Don't forget to subscribe! 

Our EPCOT Experience...

Here's our Epcot Adventure from last year 2018! It was pretty amazing! My favorite part is the World Showcase, where you can see the 11 countries in one place! It was a lot of walking so make sure to wear flat shoes and bring umbrella or hat if you could! The rides are fun too! The first ride we did was the "Test Track". Its a very  unforgettable experience. My family and I will surely would love to go back here again!

Here are the 11 countries at World Showcase EPCOT:
- Mexico
- Norway
- China
- Germany
- Italy
- United States
- Japan
- Morocco
- France
- United Kingdom
- Canada

Make sure to watch the Illumination Fireworks at night! That's the best fireworks shows we have ever seen! Even kids think it was amazing! Check out the video on my next post!

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular Disney World Experience and Review...

After lunch at Hollywood and Vine Restaurant, we went to see the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular Show. We are sitting at the front left side of the stage and I would say that was an amazing show! It's my first time to see it upclose, the stunt are really spectacular plus the fire and explosions are pretty loud. Before the show started they called people to participate as extras, that was pretty neat. Some people in the audience participate and raise their hands. They called on and show their acting skills too!

The part that really amaze me is when they change the scene, the stage move apart and then we see all the stunts, the actors, actress and the extras! That was a real experience. Sound effects are amazing! The actor did so well! Gun shots, explosions and the fire seems real! We really like the rolling ball scene and the finale when they are doing the plane scene! So yes, we really enjoyed it a lot!

So when you go to Hollywood Studios, don't miss the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular Show! You will absolutely enjoyed it!

Here is our video! Enjoy!

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Meet and Greet Disney Characters at Hollywood Studios -- Disney World!

Kids meet Minnie and Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Pluto at Hollywood and Vine Seasonal Dine Restaurant. Lunch Buffet was really nice! Lot of food choices! for us its worth the price we paid! For 4 person, we paid about $200 plus. They charge about $60 per adults and $30 per kids I guess. Kids got a chance to met their favorite Disney Characters and able to see them up close.

We also meet Chewbacca and Kylo Ren at Star Wars Launch Bay. I was amazed how tall Chewbacca is! It was a fun experience! 

Here's the video of our Hollywood Studio Adventure, Meet and Greet and of course the RIDES! 

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Experience...

On the four roller coaster rides we did at Magic Kingdom, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is one of our favorite! It was the most amazing ride we did! Its fun and exciting, not very intense, its very enjoyable to ride, I can ride this all over again! So if you go to Magic Kingdom, don't miss the Seven Dwarfs Mine train! your family will absolutely love it! 

Here's our video and experiences at this 4 exciting rides: Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, The Speedway, Space Ranger and Space Mountain! Enjoy!

Roller Coaster Experience at Magic Kingdom DisneyWorld

My first experience on riding a roller coaster for the first time was fun, exciting, nervous, scared, mixed emotions. I am excited because at last I will be able to experience it for the first time as well as mike and the kids. Its their first time too! We had a blast! Imagine we did 14 rides on our first day at Magic Kingdom DisneyWorld, four of the rides are roller coaster. The first one we did was the Thunder Mountain, it was really fun! I like it! We all like it! But at the end of this roller coaster ride, i can feel my knees and legs are shaking. I can't even get up! That's very intense for a first timer but it never stop me to try another roller coaster rides on that day! We did Barnstormer, Space Mountain and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train! I am so amazed how brave my kids are especially my 10 year old daughter, she even wanted to be at the front raw when we did the Space Mountain! That was an amazing experience that we will never forget! We will surely come back next time in a couple years! Maybe we will go to Disneyland next time so will see!

Here's the two videos of our Magic Kingdom Experiences and Rides! 

13:24 --- Thunder Mountain Roller Coaster
16:34 --- Splash Mountain

3:20 --- Barnstormer Roller Coaster
No video on our space mountain rides, too dark to take a video!

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Animal Kingdom Lodge Experience

It's been a year since our last visit at DisneyWorld Florida! Just want to share our lifetime experience! We stayed at Jambo House Animal Kingdom Lodge for 5 nights and we love it! We arrived around 7:45 P.M so the lighting inside the lobby was kind a dark, but it was okay, the light and design of the lobby was really magical. The room was really nice and clean. The service is good too!  We got the Savannah View! We got a chance to see giraffes, birds and other animals. It's nice to wake up in the morning and see the animals at the balcony. Kids really love it! The pool is really nice and  the only thing that my husband concern was the restaurant, he thinks its overrated to the price we paid, he also doesn't like the service at Mara Restaurant. The gift shop at Zawadi Marketplace was really nice and the people who works there was very friendly. So overall we will give it a 4 STARS!

Here's the videos of our stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge!

We absolutely recommend this place! We will surely stay here again on our next visit to DisneyWorld!

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Unboxing Hyper GoGo Hoverboard

Here's the unboxing video!

Why we choose the Hyper GoGo Hoverboard?

Hubby likes quality the most, the price doesn't matter. He research the product first and read the product reviews before he decided to purchase it. It has good reviews and its easy to control. It has high quality Bluetooth speaker, ultra-fast and quick charge and the safety is tested and certified, it has a free carrying bag too. Amazon sell it for $279. My 10 year old daughter has a good balance so she learns fast. She really enjoyed her new hoverboard!

Monday, March 4, 2019

Best gift Dana receive from Daddy!

HYPER GOGO 8.5 Inch Hoverboard 

It was such a big surprise for Dana when we receive the package Friday afternoon. It was a big package! So we opened it up and tada!!! Its Dana's new Hover Board! That was very exciting! She's been wanting this hover board ever since she rode it once at her friends house. She did pretty good riding it! she had good balance already and she loves it! It was so nice that Daddy surprised our Dana Pie! She said "Its the best gift she ever had!".

Friday, March 1, 2019

Unboxing Tello Drone Quadcopter

Dustin got a surprise gift from Daddy! Mike bought Dustin a Tello Drone Quadcopter Boost Combo from Amazon! He is really into drone and its nice because it has camera on it. Its easy to use too! Even Dana(10yrs old) know how to fly this drone! Great fun for indoor and outdoor!

Here's the unboxing video!

This Tello Drone has 3 batteries, charging hub, yellow and blue snap on, care kit and more. It has 4 stars in Amazon and we got it for $149.99. Great buy for the money!

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Tello Drone Quadcopter Boost Combo Review...

Just bought this Tello Drone Quadcopter Boost Combo with 3 batteries, charging hub, yellow and blue snap-on covers and more at Amazon for 149.99 and so far it was really good! I like how they also include the Drone Care Kit. The kids reaction are priceless! They really enjoyed it. It was such a nice surprise that hubby bought this for our eldest son Dustin. We receive the package last night and we charge the battery right away and download the app that way we can start using it. Its very easy to use, it has an auto landing and the camera was pretty steady. Its not very noisy like other drones. It's great drone for its price! Great for indoors and outdoors quad! No need experience on how to fly the drone because with this one, even kids can do it! Package are well done too! So for our family will give this a big thumbs up and 4.5 STAR!

Will surely bring this to our travel destination next time. I will download the "Unboxing Video" soon! Thanks again and if you are interested click this link! 

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Action Camera Blog Review - AKASO EK7000 4K Action Camera

Here's the video of me making a blog review on our new AKASO EK7000 4K Action Camera. We are thinking to get a GoPro but we don't have extra $200-$300 in our budget right now. We are going vacation this month of April but we need a reliable Action Camera that we can take when we go snorkeling so we look up at Amazon.com and we found this AKASO EK7000 4K Action Camera on their Best Seller list so we give it a try and we got it only for $69.99. We read the review and it said, its best buy for the money so yes, we got this action camera at Amazon and so far we are happy with it. It's easy to set up, it has 18 items along with it including mounts, tithers, the case and strap bandages and so on. Can't wait to use this action camera on our vacation! Watch  my video and give me a thumbs up! 

Friday, February 23, 2018

Healthy Green Juice using Omega Juicer

We had this Omega Juicer for more than 3 years now and so far it works really good. I made green juice almost everyday or sometimes couple times a week. My husband use green juice when he wants to go on a diet. It's a fast way to lose weight. My kids love Apple, Carrot juice. I just add a little bit of lemon to it. For me, I love all kinds of vegetable juice. Its very healthy and its very good on my skin. Its the best way to eat vegetables! If you don't like vegetables, made it into juice! Enjoy and Thanks for watching! 

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Our house got on fire?

Saturday morning, we receive a call from one of our friend telling us that our house is on fire! My husband can't believe what he hears, but our friend said, that he is in front of our house and the fire fighters are trying to put the fire out. So we got very worried so we head out home right away after we hear it. Thank God is not a big fire, we are still fortunate that only the side of our house is damage and our dog is safe. 

The cause of fire is: Our dogs knock over their heat lamps and the straw caught on fire, their kennel was burned and since our gas meter is just in the side of their kennel, it caught on fire too and it cause explosion. When our neighbors hear the explosion, they respond right away and called the fire station. The fire station is 3 blocks away from our house so they came so quick before the fire gets big. 

My husband called the insurance right away and yes, we didn't have heater and we can't cook that time. The house still smell smoke but its not as bad in our bedroom because we have a door to separate our kitchen and utility room. We're thankful for our brothers and sisters and friends that help us, they offer accommodations and 4 oil heaters to keep us warm for couple nights. The kids was sad and upset especially my son, he cried when he hears that our house is on fire. But we told them that nothing to worry about because daddy will taking care of it, our insurance will taking care of it too. So they stay for the night to their friend's house for a sleep over. It could be worst if the fire fighters didn't came on time. That was pretty close! Now, we also learned a lesson not to put heat lamp close to the straw. And turn it off when we leave from the house. 

For now, we are waiting for our contractors to make a bid and for the approval of our insurance, the gas meter was already replaced so everything was good. We bought air filter and the smoke is starting to go away. I just hope that they will finish fixing that side wall and the utility room before our vacation coming! So Will see.... 

Excited for our Florida Trip this April!

Yay! My kids and I are very excited when my husband told us that we are going for vacation at Florida this coming April! We really wanted to take the kids to Disney World but I didn't expect that it would be too soon! I thought it will be maybe next couple years, but imagine this Spring? WoW! Me too I am very excited! I never been to any Disney Parks before and I never thought I could go to one of the Disney Parks in my whole life! I can only see it on TVs, Internet and Movies. I really thank my husband for making that dream come true, for me and the kids!

Since the kids are so excited for this trip, they need to be ahead on their school. They are both homeschooling so it would be easy to be ahead on their lessons and talk the teacher ahead of time. We will be gone for 3 weeks so they need to finish their lessons 3 weeks ahead that way before we go to our vacation, we don't have to worry about their lessons, they will be done by then. So yes, we will keep you updated on our trip and will surely post photos and videos. So thank you again for reading and visiting my blog. Have a great day! 

Lots of Seals and Sea Lions at Monterey!

WOW! Look at all those Seals and Sea Lions! It gets crowded out there! I can hear all their noises while were heading to go Whale Watching. We don't see this very often because we live in a mountain. I'm so glad that we made it to California last November. The reason we went to San Francisco is to get my Philippine Passport renewed. So we got a chance to see all of San Francisco and of course Monterey Bay! This is our second time coming back at Monterey after 5 years! Kids are already growing up and last time we didn't get a chance to go Whale Watching but this time since my daughter is big enough now to ride a boat, then we don't want to miss this chance! We really enjoyed our 3 days stay at Monterey! I will going to miss their yummy clam chowder! My Favorite! 

Princess Monterey Whale Watching

The best part we did at Monterey Bay California is to do Whale Watching. We did the Princess Monterey Whale Watching Tour and we got the upper deck. It was pretty nice! except my 11 year old son, he got sea sickness, he throws up 2 times. Poor little boy  but he really enjoy it though. He said that its nice to see his favorite sea creatures up close. He likes Blue Whales and Humpback Whales. For me I really enjoy Dolphins, they are very playful! I have a video on youtube, here's the link: https://youtu.be/7guyyqDe3X8, don't forget to watch it til the end to see the Whales and Dolphins! My 8 year old daughter's reaction is priceless! Will surely come back again next time, hope will see them more closer! Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Our 11th-12th Anniversary Photos - Year 2016-2017

Here's our 11th-12th Anniversary Photos for the year 2016-2017. More years to come for both of us!

For the past 12 years, we have ups and downs in our relationship but we face those problems together. We tried so hard to understand and be patience to one another. Like what they said, the secret of happy marriage is communication, trust and patience and of course we put God first in our family. I have a very loving kids and a very loving husband so I can say that I am truly blessed. 

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Ocean Sunfish, Monterey Bay Aquarium

I can't imagine that this sea creature are 14ft and about up to 1000 lbs or more. It's nice to see the sunfish at their Open Sea Exhibit. We see a big sea turtle also eating those small tuna fish. Their scientific name is Molas. They are very slow and deliberate swimmers. We see couple of sunfish too out in the ocean when we went for Whale Watching. That was pretty cool!