Friday, February 15, 2008

Thunder new picture

Look at this photo, he look so sad, maybe he still thinking how they can get the fish on our fish tank. He has a nice pose here though, his getting big everyday. He weight 135 lbs and the female Princess weight 115. So he is heavier than Princess. Maybe this weekend we will bring them again at Petsmart or Petco, so that they can be around with the other dogs. It helps them a lot to be social to people and to other animals.


RJ said...

your mastiff looks cute!! i've developed a love for big dogs.. :) kahit mahirap alagaan ehehehe

Tianhong said...

haha he looks cute though.

I get to know you blog through My Sassy Mind. Do you mind exchanging links?

femikey said...

yah sure tianhong what is your blog url so that i can add u to my blogroll? im glad u like our big dog, he is thunder 11 months old puppy, we have another one named Princess they are both english mastiff :-)