Friday, February 15, 2008

Denver Broncos

The Broncos Team been around since 1960 and my husband just born that time. The people in Denver have always love the Broncos. And since then they have grown into a team with high expectations every year. It wasn’t always that way for the Broncos. Until the late 70’s the Broncos didn’t have much success although in 1977 they did make it the Super Bowl where the Dallas Cowboys defeated them 27 to 10. A couple years later along came a quarter back named John Elway that would change their fortunes for many years. With him running the show, they only suffered 2 losing seasons in the next 14 years. Along with winning 2 super bowls, they regularly made the playoffs. The Broncos have had many fine players over the years besides Elway. This is the Denver Broncos history, they start in 1960's and until now they been known as great team in Denver. I am one of Denver Broncos avid fans, i love watching their game all the time. And i am so proud of them! So, Don’t forget to watch NFL football at NFL Channel!

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