Friday, February 15, 2008

We add more fish!

All the baby molly fish died except 1. Its too sad to think about it that they didn't make it. Only one baby molly fish survive. Maybe they been eaten or maybe they are weak. But anyway, we decided to add more fish on our tank because we only got 4 fish that time and then the other one died (gourami), now i am afraid to get another gourami because maybe it will die again just like the other one. This morning we got another 4 fish, 2 white molly, 2 bloodfin tetra and 1 fresh water shrimp. It is really fun to watch them swimming because it really makes me feel so relax. Dustin love to watch our aquarium all the time, he always say "Fish". Now that we have more fish to our aquarium, my husband still thinking about having the big one hehe :-) Anyway, will see what happens to them after few days, hope they will survive to their new fish tank.

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