Friday, February 22, 2008

Am i bored?...

Well, little bit hehe :-) i dont have so much tasked this morning, i only have 2 opps but its okay, better than nothing though. I just spend my time watching my favorite koreanovela title "Man in a Vineyard". it's a nice story, very funny and cute. Mike will be home early and that is good. I already cook beef pot roast in the crock pot, just waiting til its done. I already smell it hehe :-) makes me feel hungry. Dustin been good, he is just watching his favorite kiddie program. After this i need to clean the kitchen and take a shower. I will update my surfcasual blog later. Im still thinking what to post on my 3rd blog. Maybe personal or how about what i learned from my bookstudy last night? Will see ... happy blogging!

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