Sunday, February 17, 2008

Changing my blog title...

Maybe you all wondering why I change the title of my blog. My femikey journey and thoughts of life was already changed to Computer Desk Journey and Thoughts of life from my computer desks. I think I like it that way especially now that someone giving me an offer to add their website to my link and also at the title and tags. It helps also to boast the traffic on my search engine and that way maybe my pagerank will increased more. I make all the changes this morning and im happy because im done with it and im just waiting for their e-mail if there’s some more that need to changed. I am willing to make a changes especially if they make an offer. I know its not easy to make extra money online but now I know how blogging works and how make money with it and through this, I can make even more. For this month I almost make $700 for my blogging and its really good! I don’t need to find a job outside because I can make that money with my computer.

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Rosemarie said...

yes we had a misunderstanding yesterday. of those many understanding we had and i am crossing my fingers cross na masettle namin to. kaya i am a little emo and my god my migraine is killing me again kaya logoff muna ako check ko lang kasi if naa sya offlines