Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Its hard to let it go...

Yay, I am really sad about what happen to my 2nd blog. They are going to terminate my blog if I don’t delete all my paid links. Its hard to let go some of my post but I don’t have a choice… I need to delete it or else they will terminate my blog. I lost my earnings at that blog… I am thinking to transfer that blog here in blogspot but I don’t know how, maybe I need to make another blog huh? The thing is, I have a higher pagerank on my 2nd blog and its hard for me to let it go and delete everything in there. Wish that they allow people to post a paid links or something. I know not only me accept a paid links, there’s a lot of them there, but hope they will make it fair to everyone. I like my 2nd blog a lot because the templates I choose is really nice and I have 3 columns. I like this blog too of course this is the number one of all. Hope blogger will not do like that to anyone. Everyone of us are having fun on writing blog post everyday, we already earning through blogging so hope they will not take that to us.


Lizeth said...

what happened?! ano ba ung isang blog mo??!

Femikey said...

yong femikey07.wordpress.com ko lizeth, im so sad with that blog pr5 pa naman kaso d me maka earn on that blog kc bawal, they will terminate me if meron pa paid post dapat daw e delete ko :(