Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What a wonderful day...

Wow, im glad its getting warm here in Grand Junction now, this week we got partly cloudy and the temperature is 49-55 degrees this week. That was pretty good. Im sick of winter, i dont like winter at all its very cold and makes me lazy, i dont even want to go out when the weather is cold and snowy. I dont like wearing jacket, its heavy hehe :-) well i think i am complaining a lot for the winter, but its okay we only have 3 months winter here in Grand Junction unlike in Silverthorne, it seems like they have 6 months winter there.

Well it starting to get warm now maybe this afternoon me and dustin will walk around the blog when my husband came home. I need to finish washing our clothes though, im glad we have washing machine so i dont need to use my hand to wash our clothes not like in the Philippines i wash my clothes using my hand hehe :-)

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