Thursday, February 28, 2008

My Chicken Recipe

Here is the picture of the chicken recipe i made for our dinner tonight. Isn't that look good? looks yummy to me hehe :-) well i supposed to cook something else tonight but yesterday i already cook the shrimp and scallops so i am thinking maybe its good if i will try different chicken recipe with cream of mashroom soup with it. I didn't follow the recipe though, i made my own hehe :-) i experiment my chicken recipe today...
First i put salt and pepper with the boneless chicken breast and fry it with vegetable cooking spray. When it becomes brown, i set aside and start heating the cream of mashroom soup with the garlic powder, basil, lemon juice, milk and little bit of salt at the other pan. I put the chicken at the baking dish and add the mixed soup at the top of it. And baked it for about 15mins. Here is the result! hehe :-) hope you like it!

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