Thursday, February 28, 2008

Before i say goodnight...

We just came back from our group bible study, im kind a tired right now but before i say goodnight i need to finish my last tasked first. Because if i wait for tomorrow maybe some of them will already been taken to some other bloggers. Mike is already in the bedroom watching TV, i think he's waiting for me. Im glad Dustin already sleeping, he is really tired, he keep yawning at the book study, he did good, he is very quiet and he listened. He didn't take a nap this afternoon thats why he is knock out this time. Im glad Mike dont have work tomorrow, maybe we will go out for shopping and buy gifts for our friend's wedding this coming 8th of march. We still dont know what to buy but will see.. i need a nice clothes also to attend the wedding party, because i dont have clothes to wear for the wedding, i only have meeting outfit. Hopefully i can easily find my size on the store, its not easy to find my size because i am petite and short. I need to look at the junior sizes. hehe :-)

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