Wednesday, February 27, 2008

No choice!

When I check my 2nd blog this morning, I was surprised that they already get the warning sign that tells that they will going to terminate my blog if I don’t delete some of my post their from blog advertising. Well, I don’t have any choice, I already delete all my post their except those personal post of course. I already earned a lot with that blog because that blog has a higher page rank than this one. I was very sad when they caught that I am joining blog advertising, I think they strictly not allowed it to their website. I never read rules and regulations from them but its okay maybe I wont make any blog at all with their website. I will stick here on blogger, at least here they will allow blogger to do anything we want. As long google wont caught us because they will also decreased your page rank if they caught that you are joining blog advertising and paid reviews.

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