Thursday, February 28, 2008

Dog Menstruation

I didn't know that dog also have menstrual cycle like human. I never know since i move here in States. Last 2 years when were in Silverthorne i witness our female pitbull menstruation. I was shocked because that was my first time to see the dog bleeding. And now i wont surprised anymore because our female 1 year old English Mastiff is on her period this week. She's still bleeding until now and my husband explain it to me that when they start their period thats the time that they are on heat, that they are ready to have puppies. I told mike why not use a dog pads so that they wont bleed on the floor but he said that it wont help because the dog might chew the pads. So we cant do anything for now, because everytime she get excited, she bleed more unlike when she just laying down and relax she dont bleed a lot. I put them on their kennel outside because its warm out and its nice outside though, i think they will be okay there for a while. I have my book study this afternoon so i need to get ready.

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