Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I am driving?

Yay, its been a long time I never drive our car. I think its been 3 or 4 months that I never tried to drive again. I failed 3 times for my driving test and i think my husband already giving up on me for my driving. Im really scared this morning when my husband told me that I will be his driver today because we will going to his doctor to check up. He’s still suffering the chronic pain he got on his lower back. It really bothers him a lot. So, the doctor give him a shot on his lower back just like the shot they are giving you when your in labor so that you wont feel the pain. He is not allowed to carry heavy things or something. He need to take a rest and don’t do anything. Well, on my driving he said im okay. Im glad because I didn’t hear any negative feedback from him. I drive slow and easy because I don’t want to have an accident and im so glad because we came home safe. Tomorrow he don’t have work because he ask 1 day off so that he can take a rest for the day then this Thursday he can go back to his work now if he start to feel better.

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