Sunday, February 24, 2008

Grandfather Clocks Blog

Looking for a blog that talks about the Grandfather clock? I know one that I am sure you would love to visit, they provided all the information about the Grandfather Clock and some information about different clocks and watch from Miller Grandfather Clock, antique grandfather, the styles, the comparison shopping, Hermle Grandfather and more. You better visit their website to learn more about clocks. I love Grandfather clocks a lot wish we could own one. My favorite Grandfather clock is Howard Miller Eisenhower Grandfather Clock. This is the clock I am dreaming to have since when I was in High School. One of our classmate back in High School have this kind of Clock at their house and its kind an interesting because this clock is antique because his grandfather give it to his parents. I don’t know how to maintain this Grandfather clock and I am glad because Grandfather Clocks Blog have an information about the maintenance of this clock. Anyway if you want to know information about different Grandfather Clock then you better visit and you’ll see what im talking about.

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Edward Meyer Clocks said...

Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks are awesome but they are sooo expensive! I like the Edward Meyer Clocks. they are good quality and not as expensive. thanks for posting about my favorite, grandfather clocks and especially howard miller grandfather clocks and letting me mention their less expensive alternative, edward meyer clocks!