Sunday, February 24, 2008

How many word can you type?

79 words

Speed test

Thanks for the tag janet! i really appreciate it hehe :-) the result is pretty good. i was very surprised.. I reach 342 points, so i achieve position 55668 of 707841 on ranking list. I type 79 words per minute. 438 characters per minute, 79 correct words and 0 wrong words. I love typing a lot, i learned it since before when i was working as computer typist at the internet cafe. And im get used to it to type without looking the keyboard.

here is the result for my 2nd try:
85 words

I reach 351 points, i achieve position 47142 of 711751 on the ranking list. I type 460 characters per minute, i have 85 correct words and 0 wrong words.

How about you how fast you are in typing? I am passing this tagged to Weng, Elaine, Rosemarie, Joy, Joydob, laradee and ate liz.

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Elaine said...

Hi Joy, thanks for the tag. :) I just posted my result in my blog.