Thursday, February 21, 2008

Digital Picture Frame

Are you tired of putting pictures on your photo frame and albums? Do you want to try this amazing new technology about digital frame? I know many people love to take pictures and it cost too much if you buy lot of frame to put your favorite photo with it. How about turning your photo frame into digital picture frame? I think you would love to have this because you can see more photos in one frame . Digital frame has 256 MB and if you buy one you can get free SD Memory Card with every 10 inch frame order. This is very simple to view all your photos in your memory card just take a photo or movie then switch your memory card to the digital frame and view the amazing photos you got. You can even set the time of how many minutes your picture will appear on the display. Isn’t that amazing? You better grab one or more digital picture frame at and display it anywhere you want either in your living room, bedroom or in all areas of your home. Let everyone view your happy snaps and let them know about this digital picture frames.

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Chris said...


I read your review and I purchased from DigitalFramez and had an extremely bad experience.

I wonder, have you actually purchased anything from DigitalFramez? Your review doesn’t say whether you did or not… Was it a sponsored review?

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