Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Spring Break Nightmares

I was watching at VH1 about Spring Break Nightmares this evening. I was very surprised how college students from all over US, getting wild every spring break. We dont have like this in the Philippines, maybe some celebrate it especially the university students but i never experience spring break nightmares before. Way back in college after we graduated, me and my friends just hangout to one of my friends house. We just stay there and we really feel safe. Unlike the one that i saw, i was very shocked that there's a lot of young teenagers are acting that way like having fun, get drunk, drugs, killing each other, fighting, lot of accidents happen, some people been robbed and many of them died at spring break. Well, if you dont be careful then of course something bad will going to happen. You just need to stick with your group of friends and not going anywhere especially if you spend your spring break vacation in Mexico. I heard lot of tragedy happen every spring break at Mexico. I was very shocked when i saw that college guy been killed with mexican drug addict. They make him as a sacrifice and burried his body in the ground. They take out the brain and some part of his body and i cant believe what i saw, why they can do that? only evil can do that thing. Thats why it takes long time before they find out about what happen. The other one is when the guy having fun partying while some of his friends went home, he never went home with his friends and he is really drunk, when he tried to go back to his hotel someone tried to robbed him and shot him on the head. Now they can learn the lesson about what happen to them. So to those college students and young teenagers planning to spend your spring break vacation? One thing i want to say is "just be careful" and be safe!

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