Tuesday, February 19, 2008

1K Tuesday from IZEA

Wow, I cant believe that IZEA from ppp are giving 1K for this month. But this is only for Tuesday and Wednesday noon time. Wish I can grab one of the $50 opps from them. There will be 10 $50 opps and one $500 opps that IZEA will be given to all dedicated bloggers. So first come first serve hehe. I already seen four $50 but someone already taken the opportunity. I don’t know maybe my connection is too slow or maybe I am not qualified to take that opps. This afternoon when I refresh my opportunity box I saw $500 opps there that is color white so it means it is available for me but when I click reserve opportunity then it turns out gray and it said someone already taken that opps. I was so devastating huhuhu…. Wish I grab that tasked. Imagine $500 for 1 review? You cant see anything like that in any paid reviews. Well I am hoping that I can grab 1 or 2 tasked from them that pays $50. Will see what happens hehe. Good luck for me and to everyone!

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jessie said...


i do not have your email add. hindi ko mai-paste dito sa comment yung code, ayaw tanggapin ng blogspot.

you didn't include in your profile your email add kaya papano kita kokontakin? i can't just post the code in my site. it has to be sent through email.