Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Research Online...

Im starting to get tired on checking my email and i dont have any important emails, i am done cleaning the house thats why i am relaxing right now, just watching tv and do research online about handbags. My little Dustin is taking a nap on his crib and i am so thankful because he is sleeping now, i can do my thing online and have some snack while im watching youtube videos too. Im starting to get hungry hehe :-) well the dogs are outside, i put them on their kennel, its nice out though so maybe this afternoon when Dustin woke up we can walk around the blocks or pick up the mail together. That would be fun.. hope the weather will always like this, sunny and i think the temperature is about 50 degrees. Dinner tonight? hmmm i am thinking to cook stir fry vegetables with scallops and shrimp with it. That would be great! i am sure my husband would love it because he loves scallops and shrimp on the stir fry.

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