Saturday, February 23, 2008

Going to Silverthorne...

We are getting ready this morning because we will going to Silverthorne to check our house there because our tenants are moving to their new house. Our house will be for sale for a while and our Real Estate Agent are doing his job to help us. Its about 3 hours driving, Grand Junction to Silverthorne. We need to deposit $150 also to my family at 1st Bank in Eagle County. Well, the road is kind a icy and slippery, its really dangerous to drive fast in the icy road. Mike is really good driving with that, but me? i dont know if i can handle it maybe i will end up to the side on the road hehe :-) We came to Silverthorne safe, we had lunch at burger king and guess what? the weather in Silverthorne is very bad... the snow are blasting and its about 3 inches snow everywhere. I remember the last time we came there last summer, winter in Silverthorne is getting worst no wonder my husband want to transfer here in Grand Junction. He is tired of being at the snow all the time especially when he is at work. He work outside most of the time. Now his happy that we moved here in Grand Junction. We look our house and it seems like its still the same as before. They really taking care of our house, its kind a mess because they are starting moving and still packing all their things. Maybe we will come back there if its empty maybe next 2 weeks.

Wish someone will going to buy our house in Silverthorne. Its 3 bed and 2 full bath. It is located at 185 county road Silverthorne, Co. We sale it for the price of $239.00. The house is ranch style, have nice breathtaking view, nice neighborhood and its a pretty house. I missed being there, my favorite part in the house is the Kitchen hehe :-) if you are interested please let us know. Thank you!

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