Thursday, February 14, 2008

Prague Hotels

I was searching online about Hotels in Prague, the capital city of Czech Republic. Have you ever been on that place? I heard that they have nice hotels over there. When i came across at their website and i found out that they provide photos on each hotels including the 5 start hotel in Prague and even the 4 star and 3 stars hotels. So you can really choose where is the best Hotel to stay. I think this is a good place to plan a family vacation especially now that its Valentines Day, we need to take our love ones to the nicest place in the world. Most of their hotels are located close to major tourist attractions like in Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, Wenceslas square, major theatres and a lot more. I think you will really enjoy your stay at Prague Hotels. Please visit prague hotel and for every reservation you make they offer a free transport from Prague airport. So hurry and make your reservation now at the great Prague Hotels.


Ricardo said...

Prague is without a doubt my favorite city in Europe (that I have visited). It is simply amazing. There is so much to see and do here, and the atmosphere is incredible that just being in the city and walking through its streets is worth the trip alone.
I was impressed with the scenery and the friendliness of everyone in the city. I was equally impressed at the low cost of beer and took advantage of this as often as possible.Prague was my first stop in a trip through Europe and was definitely the highlight. I was happy I had to pass through here again at the end of my trip to catch my flight back to Chicago and made sure I enjoyed every second of it.

femikey said...

wow, im glad u been in prague, i was dreaming to visit that city if i given a chance :-) im glad to hear good feedbacks from u, thanks!