Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Guest Beds from Time4Sleep

We have 3 bedroom here in our house but the 3rd room is for our computer room. So every time we have a guest or some friends come visit here in the house to stay well of course we gave them the 2nd room, that is our son bedroom. But this time his not using it. Well I think we need another Guest Beds from time4sleep, they have really great guest beds at their website. They have leather beds, faux leather, divan, children beds, wooden, metal, French style, antique and a lot more. Well for my son I probably get grand prix car because he likes car a lot and I think it will be good if he has a bed like that at least he can enjoy his bed and he can sleep good at night. For my guest? I think I will absolutely choose nimbus bed. Look at the picture here, its really pretty bed for the guest right? And its very affordable price, you can get nimbus bed for only £129. Is it that very affordable? And guess what? Its free delivery and you can save for all the beds because they offer 5% off for all the beds. I will tell my husband about this website, they have great selections of bed and the favorite bed of our son is there maybe we can buy one next time. How about you did you find the bed for your guest? Visit time4sleep for more selections of bed!

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