Monday, March 31, 2008

Boat Donation Charity

What do you think of donating your boat or yacht to create children’s animation and anti-drug documentaries? You can help a lot of children while your donating your boat. If you own a boat and not using it for a long time and it just stock on your garage then why not donate it at Boat Donation Charity is a good thing to do, at the same time you can help kids and people who are in need. And guess what? You can get a tax savings while helping others. They are not the one who will choose for a charity for you because you are the one who choose the Charity you want to benefit from your old boat, trailer or yacht. Its better to give than to receive right? so helping others is a really a good thing. Not only you will make other people happy but also God because he is watching what you are doing. Too bad we don’t have an old boat to donate but if we have I am sure I will going to donate it at boatangel. I know many people out there own a boat, but if you don’t use it anymore so please donate your boat or yacht at If you want to know more about boatangel please visit their website and help others.

Hungry, Tired and Sleepy...

That is what i feel today, maybe thats a symptoms for being pregnant huh? I always feel hungry, tired and sleepy. It just started last Saturday... i do my cleaning stuff here in the house, my little Dustin is not taking a nap yet, he is on his crib, laying down and still playing his cars, he's making noise and i dont think he will going to take a nap this afternoon because its already 15 minutes to 6:00pm. Mike is not coming home yet, he just called me few minutes ago, he says that maybe he will be home late tonight. He still need to wait his co-worker and get his work done. Well.. i am just here waiting for him, maybe Dustin and I can just eat dinner because i feel hungry now and my pot roast in a crock pot is already done. Im so glad also that i get another tasked for the day. Maybe i will get rest after dinner and just watch dvd with Dustin title "Bee". :-)

Sell or Consign your Jewelry

When something happens like you run out of cash and you need it right away, not only the payday loan is the only solution because if you have lots of jewelries that you don’t use anymore, you can either sell it and make money with it. And I know a website that I am sure you would love to sell your jewelry with them. At are the largest buyers and sellers of pre-owned watches. They also buy estate, antique and modern jewelry including rings, necklaces, earrings, pins, cufflinks, bracelets and pendants. So if you own one of this and your not using anymore, you can make money with it if you sell it to them.

Many people are collecting more jewelries, some of it you cant use it anymore if you have many. So if you run out of cash then that’s a good thing to sell. I remember the time about the story of a girl who needs money to pay for a guy who called her by phone and try to scared her. The guy told her if she wont give money that he needs then he will going to tell her husband that she has another affair. She really having problem with the money that time but then she remembers that she has a lot of jewelries that she’s not using anymore. She sell all her jewelries and she got the money she needs. I don’t know if she use the money to pay that guy or not.

Anyway, if it happens to me like that or I am in the situation that we really need money? Maybe we can sell our jewelry also. Diamond buyers and Jewelry buyers at sellusyourjewelry might be the good choice. How about you? You think selling jewelry is a good thing? If you have modern jewelry or antique you can sell it at Or if you want you can do Jewelry consignment, Selling Watches or Diamond consignment. There are easy 3 step process for selling your jewelry first you need to get an online watch, jewelry or diamond quote. Second, request a pre-labeled easy ship box and mail in your item. Third, after verifying the item they will contact you with a buy price or consignment. So what are you waiting for? Sell your jewelry now at!

My connection is too slow!

I hate when my connection is too slow because It really affects my tasked. Like this morning when I open my ppp account, I have 3 tasked waiting for me, two 15 and one 10. When I grab it and reserve the opportunity. The loading is very slow so when its done loading it said the opportunity is not available anymore. The white turns out gray and someone already taking the opportunity. That was too bad… wish I can grab even 1 tasked for the day. Hope my connection will be back to normal. Its not supposed to be like this because last night when I use my computer the connection is fast and I don’t see any problem with it. Just this morning though. I don’t know why but I want my connection back!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Yearblook - a competition to find the best blog posts each day

There are many blogs that you can find on the web. Millions of people around the world are into this blogging things and I am one of them. Many of them are very professional when it comes to blogging. You can find personal, business or any types of blog on the web. But who do you think are the best bloggers that have best blog posts? You will never know who they are if you don’t visit At you can find the best blog posts because they are going to put them in a book every time they found a very interesting posts on the web.

Kind a interesting ha? Well yes, its very interesting because I am really interested to know who’s bloggers that has interesting blog posts. I want to be one of them, to be successful on my blogging career. I know many bloggers are trying their best so that they can give an interesting post to all their viewers and readers. So why not visit, maybe it helps you to get ideas on how to write a posts and how you can attract people to read and visit your blog. To those who never heard yearblook yet, yearblook is a contest to find the best blog post of each day. The best each day will be compiled into a book (a real, printed book) that is a record of the year in blogs. So register now and who knows! Maybe you are the one that has a best blog posts!


While im browsing online I found this website facesity. This is a new website that allows you to find people and allows people to find you in your choosen city. It is really good website especially if you are looking someone in other States like your friend or other people you never met yet. And guess what? You can add your photo in there so that they can see you right away when your friends from other country search you at facesity. This is free to join but if you want to add your photo you can just pay $1. Its very affordable isn’t it? Maybe I will going to try it because I have many friends whom I’ve met online, maybe they would love to find me at facesity.

The overall design are very professional. I like the background color. The first time I opened the website, it seems like it didn’t work but when I click the map, it is working. Nothing problem with it. I like the design and I am sure there are many people would love to join and post their photos at facesity. If you are interested please visit and don’t forget to add your photo so that everyone can see your photo when they search you online.

Flooding Opps...

Wow, i cant believe that they are giving me opps for this day. Mostly Sunday, i never get opps, sometimes i get one but i was very surprised because i am flooding opps right now. :-) I am so thankful for giving me this opportunity to earn extra cash from blogging. Its really makes me addicted especially if they give me more tasked for the day. But sometimes, makes me tired on typing because i am run out of words but i am loving it of course. I try my best to open my mind and be positive all the time. I think after this my brain will get tired hehe :-) will hopefully not. I still need to relax though because i still feel dizzy a little bit. Hopefully i will be okay tomorrow :-)

Police Gear

Are you looking for a Police Gear? At you can find all police gear you need from Blackhawk holsters, Under Armour, Footwear, Boots, etc for a very affordable price. The Police Headquarters from LA provide this Police Gear website so that if ever you need this type of gear for your job then this is the right website for you. They proudly brand themselves on extremely fast shipping, low prices and outstanding service. You cant find anything like this. This website is not selling only for cops but also to everyone. So feel free to shop online at This is fast shipping so you don’t need to worry about waiting your order for a long time. If you have questions or needs you can contact them anytime and please don’t forget to visit their website for more information.

Brisbane Gifts for all Occasions

Every Mother’s Day, I always remember and missed my mom. She live in the Philippines and we are far away to each other. But the communication I have for my family are still strong because I try my best to keep communicate with them even I am far away. Every Mother’s Day, I send my mom a greeting card or send her a gift. I love my mom and even im here in States I always make her feel that I am here, that I never forget her. Our mother are very special person in our life because with them, we will not live here in earth. So they really deserve to receive a special gift this Mother’s Day, not only for that special occasion but any day. I found out this gift baskets flowers Brisbane baby at I think this is a perfect gift for her. I am sure she will going to love it. So, if you are looking for a gift baskets then brizzygifts is the right website for you. Hurry and give gifts to your love ones this coming Mother’s Day.

The Legend

Sunday is supposed to be a relaxing time for us, but Mike needs to go to work but he didn't stay too long at work because he came home at 11:00 am before lunch time. Then when Mike came home from work we decided not to attend meeting because he is not feeling good because of his sinus allergy, i dont feel good too but this afternoon im starting to feel better. So we go to Albertson to go for a grocery shopping then guess what? Mike let me drive! My driving today is not too bad, im glad Mike is not get frustrated when i am driving. He is quiet on the front sit, sometimes he tell me what to do. After shopping we go to Blockbuster to rent a movie, we got 2 movies title "I am Legend" and "The Bee". I like the movie "I am Legend" starring Will Smith. Its very suspense, he really did good on this movie. The sounds effect is kind a scary and i like the last message at the end of the movie that says "keep listening, because you are not alone". You better watch this movie, i am sure you will like it.

Private number plates - personalised car registration

Would you like to personalised your car registration? At Northumbria Numbers you can search their massive selection of Private Number Plates, ageless car registration, prefix type personalised number plates and current style number plates. This is a website that I will absolutely recommend especially to those people who are looking for a private number plates. Not only that because Northumbria are interested in buying quality private number plates in for stock. So, you can just fill the registration form and send it to them. Or if you have any questions about this matter you can contact them between 9:00am to 9:00pm. Visit their and search for your perfect registration now!

Lazy Sunday

Im kind a lazy today maybe because the weather outside is not good as what i expected. its kind a cloudy outside and it seems like it will going to rain this afternoon. Well, hopefully not! Mike just came home from work, he work today even its Sunday. He woke up early to work at 6:00am and he came home at quarter to 11:00am. At least he go home early hehe :-) we still have meeting this afternoon at 1:00pm i dont know if we can make it because we are both not feeling well today. Mike has allergy and Ijust throw up this morning. I feel dizzy this morning too. Maybe i am pregnant? hehe :-) We just got the result from the pregnancy test that i bought yesterday and it said positive. But i will try again this first week of april if the result is still the same. Will see what happens :-)

Find hotels at

Amsterdam is the place where I want to visit because I know that most famous painter lived and worked there at the Old Jewish neighborhood of the city. The most precious treasures of art as well as architecture that lasted from roughly 1580-1670 are left there. It was really an interesting place to go. I really want to see how pretty the Amsterdam is, and if it happens? I am sure I will stay in a very affordable hotels in Amsterdam maybe at The Quentin England Hotel. So if you like to visit Amsterdam and spend your family vacation, you can find a hotel reservation at They have special offer to all Amsterdam Hotels from 1 star to 5 star hotel including Apple Inn Hotel, The Quentin England Hotel, Hotel Atlanta and Atlas Hotel. The prices are very affordable, this is Amsterdam Hotel Specials, double room from €39 to €65.

At, you can find Hotels anywhere in the country that has a great special offer prices. You can just fill up the form what destination you want to go, the arrival and departure, the currency and they will help you to find the hotels that you are looking for either at London Hotels, Prague Hotels, Rome and Barcelona Hotels. That place are great destination for a family vacation. So hurry and find your destination now and save more for your next vacation.

What kind of thinker am i?

Your Thinking is Abstract and Random

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There's many ways that you can learn - and you're up for any of them.

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You prefer to work toward a common goal... not toward conflicting goals.
I take this quiz because it sounds very interesting and im happy with the results of course, it tells more about me :-) how about you what kind of thinker you are?

HDPE Pellets

Have you ever think where all the recycled plastic material came from? Because I do, it makes me wonder sometimes. But not now because I found out that this recycled plastic material is came from HDPE (High Density Polyethylene. This is commonly used plastic which can be recycled. It really helps me a lot to learn about this HDPE because I don’t have any idea of what this is all about. HDPE is a form of recyclable plastic commonly used in consumer product manufacturing. If you need an HDPE Pellets you can buy it at, there you can buy any HDPE Pellets that you like. They have different types of HDPE Pelletizers including Hot Face Pelletizing Systems, Air Pelletizers, Underwater Pelletizers. You can also read the articles about HDPE Scap. So visit now and see for yourself how they make the HDPE Pellets.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Saturday Rants...

When I woke up this morning i feel like today is Friday, i thought i can still watch my favorite telenovela this morning but when i check youtube no one is uploading new videos for today and when i check my calendar, i found out that today is Saturday. Oh well my bad. I only have one tasked for the day, better than nothing and $10 for 1 review is a good start right? Maybe this afternoon i can get more tasked to do. Mike is working so Dustin and I just left here in the house, as usual hehe :-) Wish he dont have work today so that he can spend time with us. We need money to pay our bills thats why he work overtime. Hopefully next week he will not work on weekends because weekends is family time right? Nice to spend time with Mike on weekends though. I missed him much.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Photo Cards

I am planning to get a Holiday Photo Cards online, maybe I can give it to some of my friends here so that they have photo remembrance from me. Im glad I found the one that im looking for at cards I like polka dot a lot that’s why I choose Polka Dot Holiday Photo Cards. Its perfect for my style and I am sure that when they put my photo in there it would be great or maybe I would put Dustin photos or our family photos instead of my own picture. One thing I like is that the photo cards are printed on thick 140 pound white card stock using state of the art digital photo. Isn’t that great? You can keep it for a long time because you don’t need to worry about being folded because it’s thick and their photo cards are in high quality. If you order one they need to show you via email first on how exactly your cards will look before your photo card is printed. And they have money back guarantee too. I am sure you would love to order one of their Holiday Photo Cards. Its nice to give a photo cards to your friends and family and you can get it for a very affordable price. You can choose any photo cards you like from Business Greeting Cards, Assortment Packs, Photo and Custom Cards, Holiday Cards or even Christmas Cards. So what are you waiting for? Order now online at and find the best photo cards that fits your style.

Single Videoke...

Its been a long time i never tried our videoke again. My voice still not improving though hehe :-) even how hard i try but it didn't work. My voice still the same. I love singing but it seems like singing is not for me, maybe singing dont like me? hehe :D But i dont care, i can sing whenever i like, i dont care what anybody people say. One time i remember, way back in the Philippines, our neighbor told me to stop singing because my voice is like a cow. I dont know if he is joking or if he is serious but i feel embarassed you know. But you know what i've told him? i told him thats okay! i am just practicing hope you dont mind, just please dont throw rocks if you hear my voice. lolz ;-) Now that i am singing videoke again, im hoping that our neighbors here dont mind it hehe :-) i dont want them to knock our door and tell me to stop singing because my voice is really terrible hehe :-) Whatever, keep on trying Fe, you can do it... Im just singing for fun you know! hehe... :-) happy blogging!

Sports Picks

Last night when one of our friends from Denver came over here in the house and have dinner with us. It seems like they talked about the NFL game. I am not into that kind of sports though but I love watching when Mike is watching. I think they really had fun talking about sports like baseball and football. That is guy thing you know, when it comes to that conversation, im out with that hehe. Maybe its time for them to know about the nfl picks at They can share their opinions and thoughts about their favorite game. They can join the forum and talk anything they want about sports. This is a good place to hangout online especially if you are a sports lover. Visit and register at Addict Sports!

Online Coupon Codes

When you go for a family vacation you need to get a coupons for the hotel that has a 4 star at 2 star prices at Hotwire. You can save more if you got coupons first before you make your reservations. Mike and I search online about coupons every time we have plan to travel. Its more better to get a hotel coupons so that we can save more for our next travel and we are so thankful that we found this #1 Coupons at Isn’t that great if all travelers can save a lot of money when they get discount coupons for rental cars, Hotwire hotels, airline tickets and cruises? I recommended this website to one of our friend online who are planning to travel in Florida and he saved a lot because of the hotel coupons that he got from

Hopefully this coming August when we go to Pueblo and attend Convention, we can get a coupons for hotel rates at Hotwire. I think we can get a coupons too at Not only that because this next month we need to get coupons also so that we can shop for clothing, shoes and jewelry for the three of us. And for Mike, maybe I can buy him a Men’s Designer Suits and we can save more up to 62% off.

How about you? Do you like to save a lot for your next shopping, airline tickets, rental cars and cruises? How about coupons for gourmet gifts and Sports Gear coupons? You can get all discount coupons at So hurry and browse your computer now and visit and get the coupons you need.


It used to be Mike's day off today Friday until Sunday but he choose to work overtime. Well it help a lot if he do overtime because we have a lot of bills to pay. But i always want him to be in the house and not working in Friday and Sunday so that he spend time with us. I understand why he want to get overtime, hopefully we can get rid of that house we have in Silverthorne so that we dont need to think about paying the mortgage because we have 2 mortgage to pay and its too heavy for our budget. Our house in Silverthorne is For Sale right now and i heard that there's a couple that interested in the house, hopefully they can buy it already and if it happens, its a big relief for us. hehe :-)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Orovo Detox - Diet Supplements

Have you ever heard Orovo Detox? I never heard this ever since, just now when I came across this website because I am searching for a diet supplements online and I found out that orovo detox was like the second OROVO’s signature line of products released after the original Orovo. Orovo is a kind of a diet supplements which can help you to lose weight. And you know what? They claiming that Orovo was the equivalent of a miracle pill. There are many of people give testimonials about this product and everyone said that its really effective. There’s one person that said, within the first two days of taking Orovo, she felt that her appetite decreased and she began losing weight and felt more energized. I think I will going to tell Mike about this because Mike been searching online about diet supplements. He need to try this and see how it works. The thing what I like about this product is that Orovo released the Caffeine-Free Orovo in a 3-in-1 acne fighting package. Isn’t that great? If you have problem with your acne then this is a good diet supplements because not only you could lose weight, they will help you to get rid of your acne too. For more information about Orovo, please visit

We have visitors tonight...

Our friend from Denver came here tonight. They came from Arizona to spend spring time vacation there and before they drive home to Denver, they decided to drove by in our house and say hi to us. They didn't stay too long, just about 3 hours. We have dinner together with them, we just order pizza so that i dont need to cook for tonight. We talk and have fun together. It was fun though because its been a year that we never seen them. They live in Denver and everytime we go to Denver, we stay at their house and spend time with them. It was so nice to see them again, they are close friends of ours. They are good family, Jim is Mike's co-worker before but when they move to Denver and we moved here in Grand Junction, so thats the time that they are not working together anymore but they still keep in touch together through phone calls. They are our witness when Mike and I get married. Wish they stay overnight here but they choose to drive home. Well.. its okay hope they will have a safe trip for tonight. Its kind a late to drive going back to Denver though. We will just pray for their safeness and happy trip. Hope to see them again when we go to Denver. :-)

Acne Cures Revealed

Acne is one of the problem to all teenagers nowadays, they get very conscious especially if they cant find solutions on how to get rid of it. I have a very bad acne before when I was in high school and I use different kind of treatments but it didn’t work, it seems like it getting worse. My face look terrible, I have red spots all over my face and im really shy to go to school that time. But when im in my College, it starting to healed. I forgot what I put in there but im so thankful that my acne is gone.

Well to those who struggling for a bad acne, there are five best acne treatment that I am sure it will work the best. While im searching online about acne cure, I came across this website at Acne Cures Revealed and I found the five best acne treatment that they have including the Zyporex, Acneticin, Orovo Acne Kit, Oxycerin and Asso Gold Cleansing bar. You better check their website to find out more. You can order it online, so visit now and see how this five best acne cures treatment to get rid of your acne.

Spock - the best for people search

When it comes to people search online I only have one website that I trusted the most, and that is the spock people search engine. When I found out this website I try it right away if how it works and its really works great! I found the one that im looking for just for one click, that time I am searching for an artist, actor and actresses and they give me all the information about the artist that im looking for. So every time I am searching for people like singers, dancers, actress, actor or any celebrities I go to spock search engine website right away. I recommended this website to all my friends too and im glad because they like it. They don’t need to go to the other search engine to find the people that they want to search online because can provide them with all information about the people they are searching.

Have you ever tried to search people online at You better try it and see how it works. is a free people and information search engine. You can either searched by name, e-mail, or by tag. This week I tried to search the American Top Model and they give me the information right away together with all the American Top Model photos. Its really great, it is very fast, you don’t need to click in one website to another because they will give you right away the information you need.

How about the pro-choice Presidential candidates? People who are arrested for drunk driving, the Brazilian Models, Zip Realtors in New York, etc. If you are interested to find more information about this matter you can just go to Spock - the best for people search, so hurry and search people online at!

Xcel Energy Dinner Party

Here are some of the photos taken last Saturday at Rivers Restaurant in Gleenwood Spring. This is the Xcel Energy Dinner party and only the Crews and staff are invited of course together with their wife and husband. No kids allowed so we never bring dustin with us that time. He is on his baby sitter.

Holiday Whistler

Are you planning for a Holiday Vacation? Did you already find the best Holiday accommodations for your vacation this coming winter? I know one place that I am sure you would love to visit and have a great winter vacation. Whistler accommodation is dedicated to arranging the holiday of your dreams because they offer a spectacular choice of Whistler accomodation. And one thing i like the most in Holiday Whistler is that they have an organized website and you can easily find the one that you are looking for especially when it comes to Whistler lodging search.

Whistler is located in Canada and they been the number 1 rated ski resort in North America for the last 8 years in a row. So, I am sure you will enjoy your stay there because you can find the best ski-in, ski-out town homes and condos if ever you have plan to stay there a little bit longer. I really love to own a house that near in a Ski area, i dont have any experience about ski but i think i will learn easily. I would love to stay at Whistler lodging or stay at one of their condo rental that is available so i don’t have to worry about where to stay because I can rather search it to their Whistler lodging search at their homepage.

Well... If you are planning for a family reunion, corporate getaways or more intimate gatherings, they have a large homes available with up to 10 bedrooms. This is the great place to celebrate any occasions because the view is breathtaking and you can do a lot of fun especially if you love outdoor activities. Ski is very popular at Whistler, if you love ski then this is the right place for you! Not only that because if you want to own a perfect property at Whistler then Cedar Ridge 17 is available with 4 bedrooms and 2 bath, you can find more photos too if you visit cedar ridge 17. So what are you waiting for? You can request brochure for Whistler Accommodation or you can contact them for more information.

Linking Tag

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

iMobile Plaza

Do you own a latest mobile phones? Here at imobileplaza they offer a great selection of latest mobile phones in a very affordable price. Im dreaming to own a HTC/Qtek P4350 cell phone because its built by HTC and the device is notably thin and is a quad-band PDA phone that comes in a slim and compact package. This is easy to handle and it has a large screen at the size of 2.8”. Well, maybe I need to save more money so that I can buy my favorite cell phone. I don’t know when but who knows!

What I like in imobileplaza is that they have all kinds of mobile phones brand from Nokia, Apple iPhone, Sony Ericson, Samsung, Motorola, Siemens, LG and more. You better check it out to find out which one is the best mobile phones for you that meets your needs and your budget. You can shop brand new and unlocked mobile phone at their online store. So shop your favorite leading cell phones at!

Chicken Adobo

Its been a long time i never cooked chicken adobo. So now i am cooking chicken adobo for our dinner tonight. Im just done cooking so im just waiting for Mike to change his pants and waiting for Dustin to woke up to his nap... My chicken adobo turned out good, its been a while though that i didn't try to cook adobo again but im glad i can still remember the recipe. My elder sister teach me how to cook adobo way back in the Philippines. I know mike would love it and thats one of Mike's favorite filipino food. So here is the photo of my chicken adobo, look so yummy right? Want to join us for our dinner?

Online Storage

If you are looking for an online storage online and backup provider with your computer files including Snapshots, network drive, sharing, collaboration, sub-accounts, webFolders and Mobile Access? Then IBackup Online Storage is the right for you. IBackup provide an extensive enterprise ready feature set for secure online storage. So this is a good thing especially if you need backup to all your computer files. Im glad I came across this website, so if ever i need a backup then i can count on them with that matter. The price is not so bad its very affordable $9.95 a month for 10 GB. For more information visit and see the online storage features at their website.

Im glad we did it...

Yesterday night i really want to attend theocratic ministry school at Jehovah's kingdom hall. I felt guilty because we never attend tuesday meeting ever since we moved here in Orchard Mesa. Im glad we did it last night and im so happy because they have an inspirational talk last night about "How truth can change your life?". I am really touched with all the stories of our brothers and sisters in our congregation and i felt the same way too when i first time learned about the truth. I am roman catholic and i am not happy of my religion because i dont learn anything. When i meet Mike, he encouraged me to red the bible, attend meeting, meet new friends at the congregation and i really noticed that they are really different in other religion. They follow Jehovah God counsel, they try to be a good person not only in the eyes of other people but with the eyes of God. They want to serve Jehovah God with all their heart, mind, soul and body. They are dedicating their life to Jehovah God and its really inspires me because that is all what i am looking for. I love God and i want to do the things that makes him happy. Be a good person to everybody, show love to one another and respect. I am so blessed that God gave me opportunity to learn about him, with these? my life is complete and happy because i have a good husband, we are happy together, we respect each other, we put God in the middle of our relationship and when Dustin grow up, he will be a good person and who knows maybe he will be a great servant of Jehovah God.

They discuss also about "stop judging". Judging other people is not a good thing, instead of judging other people you need to look up yourself first and mind your own business. I really learned a lot with our discussion last night and its a good feeling. Before when i was catholic i always feel sleepy in the mass but when i attend Jehovah's meeting, it makes me feel awake all the time and it feels good! its hard to explain the feelings when you learn the truth in the bible.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Auto Loan Archieves

When Mike and I decided to buy a used car last year, we really need to get a loan so that we can pay it full. It works pretty good because we got the car that we want and even we buy a used car but at least we found the one that we like and it still look new. We got a good deal and the car still in good shape.

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Woke up late...

Its already 9 o'clock in the morning but my little one still sleeping! I never had my breakfast yet because im waiting for Dustin to woke up. I want to eat breakfast with him because Mike is already at work so me and dustin left here in the house. I still need to do a lot here in the house this day, need to wash our dirty clothes and do a little bit of cleaning because i already clean yesterday. I still need to wash my rubber shoes because its really dirty hehe :-) well i am glad because they give me tasked for the day, yesterday i dont have any tasked. But its okay, maybe because its holiday and they are giving more opps to those who are deserving or maybe to those who has a higher page rank. My mood for the day is really great, little bit tired because last night i really had a bad headache and i feel like i will get sick this week. I already take pain killer and hope it helps. Right now i feel better so that's good. Hope i can get more tasked for the day so that i can earn more for this week :-)

My Favorite Clock

I really love to own a grand father clock. Since when I was in high school I always wanted to own one. But I cant afford that time because grand father clock is very expensive and I don’t have a good job that time. The last time I saw a grand father clock is on my friend’s house way back in the Philippines. They put the grand father clocks in the hole way and its really nice. Their grand father clock always caught my attention because its very unique and guess what? Its antique because they got it from her great grand father.

Since now I keep searching about grand father clocks but I don’t think we can get one this year, but I told Mike maybe we can get a small clock because we don’t have a clock here in the house. We only depend the time of our alarm clock, at the microwave time, coffee maker time and the computer time. When I came across this website at, I found my favorite clock that I want to put in our living room or maybe in the kitchen. My favorite type of clocks is the Mantel Clocks by Brand. The style is very unique and I think that would be great to put it our side table. And if ever we buy a new clock? I would absolutely choose the Nautical Clocks or Our Favorite Mantel Clocks. You better check out their Store's Home Page and you can visit also their clocks blog and read more information about grandfather clock, howard miller grand father clocks or any different types of clocks that is available on their list.

No Post for Yesterday

Yesterday, i really dont have energy to write a post because i dont feel good. I have a bad headache yesterday but im glad i feel better now... I only checked email yesterday morning but when i check some of my blog advertising, they are not giving me any tasked for the day. So instead of spending my time online, i do some cleaning here in the house because Renee my bible study instructor called me that we will do my personal bible study yesterday at 1:00 pm instead of Thursday 1:00pm. She changed the schedule because she will get busy this week, they have circuit overseer Thursday so she cant make it that time thats why she called me right away yesterday. Im okay anytime because i only stay here in the house with Dustin. So i clean early and get ready for my bible study then after my book study i check my email again and i dont find any tasked so i log off and put dustin into sleep and watch tv. I cooked the dinner and i make a strawberry cake! Thats what happen yesterday thats why i didn't write any post :-)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Web Hosting

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Happy Sunday!

hi everyone, Happy Sunday! Its Sunday and my back is really sore today because of what we did yesterday. We plant 4 trees and 4 small plants. Digging hole is not my thing but i am enjoying every moment of it. Helping Mike is a good thing, the work will become faster if we helping each other. We finished early and im so glad we planted all those trees. Maybe this week we will buy more roses bush and some other bushes you know. Time to make our backyard look nicer because its spring time! I just have 1 tasked this morning, but at least i have one tasked. Better than nothing though hehe :-) The Passover last night is really good, i am really touched with the story about the father and son which the father sacrificed his own son just to save all people in the train. Thats what God did also because he sacrificed his own beloved Son Jesus Christ just to save us for our sins.

Saturday, March 22, 2008 - A New Consumer Resource

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Were done planting!

Oh thanks God were done planting all our 4 small plants and 4 pine trees outside our yard. Thats a lot of work though but im glad were done. I am helping Mike of course for planting those trees. And its look nice now and im looking forward to see those trees growing so that we can have a shade outside our yard. The weather is very nice today, sunny and warm. Tonight, we will going to attend "Passover", instead of going to the congregation near to our house, we decided to go to Appleton Congregation because they will start early at 7:00 pm unlike the Redlands Congregation they will start at 8:45 pm, i think they will have 2 batches because there are lots of people will coming and attend the Passover Meal. This is my 3rd time to attend Passover and i really like the way they do it. Unlike in Catholic they always do it every Sunday i think. :-) Jehovah's Witness only do it once a year.


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Dinner party last night

The dinner party last night was very fantastic. The place is very romantic, the restaurant is really nice, nice view and nice background because its near in the mountains and you can even hear the river. The dinner party is only available to all Xcel Energy Crews and Staff. No kids allowed so we need to bring dustin to his babysitter to watch him for a couple hours. Only Husband and Wives allowed on that dinner party. I meet new friends and im so thankful because Maria is there too. She is a Filipina, she's been here in Colorado for almost 15 years. We talked together using our tagalog language and i am having fun at least i wont feel like im out of place of the group. Im glad i bring my camera at least i can take pictures of all for a remembrance for that night. The food is really great! they served lot of food that time. Before the dinner start they serve appetizer just like a snack because the dinner will start at 7:00 pm we arrived their exactly 6:00pm. When the dinner start they first serve the 2 choices appetizer, onion soup and rock n shrimp i think, i forgot the name but it really tasty. 2nd they serve the salad, 3rd is dinner entree with 5 choices and the last one is yummy cheese cake dessert. Oh im so full after dinner. I cant hardly breath hehe... i try to save more space on my tummy though but im so thankful that the dinner party went really good. Everyone enjoying the food and we are all enjoying together!

Friday, March 21, 2008

General Music at Piano Man

Do you own a piano or are you planning to buy one? Piano is a really good instrument. Its nice to learn Piano especially to the kids. We never had one but I don’t know if Mike has plan to buy a piano so that me and Dustin can learn how to play with it. I know Piano is really expensive nowadays, but having a Piano is a good thing. When you feel sad or wants to be alone, playing Piano makes you feel good especially if you already learn how to play your favorite song.

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Dinner Party at Gleenwood Spring

Mike will be home at 3:00 pm, so he still have time to take shower and get ready for our dinner party tonight at Gleenwood Spring. Its kind a far huh! hehe :-) but i love Gleenwood Spring, Its 2 hours driving from Grand Junction to Gleenwood. Its almost quarter to 2:00 pm here, i still need to take shower, clean the house and get ready for the dinner party. I am still thinking what to wear tonigth. I am sure all Mike's co-worker and all their wives will be there on the party. We need to bring Dustin on his babysitter, he is not allowed to be in the party. We will gone for about 6-7 hours, i am sure we can get home at 10-11 pm tonight. I am sure Pam can take care of Dustin while were away. We know here and she love to watch Dustin, she likes kids a lot and i think everything will be okay.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Well I think I spend too much now online hehe. Its time for me to go to bed and have a good night sleep. Im still talking with my sister from the Philippines. Too bad I cant sent them their additional allowance for this month as a share of my earnings. We don’t have time to go to Eagle or in Silverthorne this month. I think we will going to use our savings account to pay our bills. All my earnings are in our savings account that’s why I cant send my family the $150 this month. Maybe they need to wait until next month of April. Hopefully I can earned more next month so that I can send my family in the Philippines their additional monthly allowance. I care for them you know… I always want to see them happy and not having problem about financial. I cared about their everyday expenses especially the food and rice. Its hard to be away from my family but I have to you know… but its okay I don’t feel bad about it because I talked with them everyday online and I always see them everyday on the webcam. Well, right now I just say bye to my sister so I think its time for me to go bed now.. So see yah everyone and until tomorrow again! Goodnight!

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Easter and its Customs

Easter’s ascendancy as a festival thus was not Bible based. In fact, scholars claim that the very word Easter is of Anglo-Saxon origin, referring to the springtime. During that season, the ancients thought the sun was reborn after months of winter death. Other terms for the festival, such as pâques or pasqua, are derived from the ancient Hebrew word pe´sach, or "passover." Christendom argues that Easter replaces this Jewish festival. But this ignores the fact that Jesus replaced the Passover, not with Easter, but with his memorial supper.

Historian Socrates therefore concluded: "It seems to me that the feast of Easter has been introduced into the church from some old usage, just as many other customs have been established." The plethora of Easter traditions indeed comes from "some old usage"—the usage of idolatrous nations! Catholic priest Francis X. Weiser admitted: "Some of the popular traditions of Lent and Easter date back to ancient nature rites." These rites of spring were originally designed to "frighten the demons of winter away."

But did not the church stamp out such paganism in her converts? Curiosities of Popular Customs explains: "It was the invariable policy of the early Church to give a Christian significance to such of the extant pagan ceremonies as could not be rooted out. In the case of Easter the conversion was peculiarly easy. Joy at the rising of the natural sun, and the awakening of nature from the death of winter, became joy at the rising of the Sun of righteousness, at the resurrection of Christ from the grave."

The Rodeo Drive Mommy Makeover

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Wednesday Bible Study

Instead of going for book study Tonight (Thursday) we decided to go Lastnight (Wednesday). Mike has energy to go for our book study so im okay with that. This afternoon i still have my one on one bible study with Renee and i think we cant go for group study tonight because we already went last night. We had really great time, we learned a lot from the book of revelation, Dustin meet new friends too. But he is not a good boy last night. He make lot of noise and his dad gave him spankin last night. But after the book study, he is fine, he even dont want to go home. He wants to stay there and do shake hands to everyone. He likes to play that little boy also but its already late and we need to go, maybe this coming Sunday again.

I am running out of time its almost 12 noon here and i have my bible study this afternoon at 1:00pm. I still need to take shower and eat lunch. But first before i do that i need to finished my last tasked first for the day then i can watch my favorite telenovela later after my book study. So happy blogging everyone! :-)

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Late Coming Home...

Mike just called me and he said that maybe he will coming home late tonight. I already done cooking our dinner and make him coffee, feed the doggies, water the plant outside and pick up the doggie poop. Well, its nice outside so its okay, at least it keeps me busy for the day while waiting for him especially that I don’t have more opps to do. Dustin still sleeping on his crib so I still have time to write a post before he came home. Kind a lot of work to do but I handle it, no problemo hehe. Im enjoying it anyway because its sunny outside, warm and shiny. I cooked beef stew for tonight. I know Mike would love it because it has a good flavor. I used beef broth instead of water so I think that helps to make it taste good. Will see when Mike came home. Hopefully Dustin will woke up before its dinner time, so that we can go out and pick up the mail in our mail box. Its only 1 block away from the house though. I know Dustin love to walk outside especially if its warm and sunny.

Debt Management

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Watch my video at my Weblogexploration Blog

I write a post about the blogging video which the video interview the 2 professional Filipino bloggers and they discussed about the Philippine Blog Awards. I just found that video at Youtube while im searching video about blogging. I am so proud of those 2 because they really earn a lot through blogging. They are very known now in the Philippines, they even interviewed at Mel and Joey talk show. They start blogging since 2002 i think and they did a good job with their blog. So if you want to see that video visit my 3rd blog at and feel free to leave comments. Thanks!

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Good morning people!

Hi everyone, good morning! hope you all have great day! Hows your blogging? Me is kind a lazy today, i dont have any tasked to do... well maybe they are not giving tasked this day because Easter is coming. Mike still have work this Friday, but he will only work 8 hours then when he get home, we need to get ready because we need to attend dinner party. His boss invited all the crew for a dinner party at Gleenwood Springs. No kids allowed so we need to bring Dustin to his babysitter to watch him for a couple hours. We still dont know what time the dinner party is done maybe until 10 pm to midnight. Will see what happen then. Im glad i called Dustin babysitter to let her know in advance, i dont want to call here Friday morning because maybe she will get busy that time. But im glad she is available this friday and she can watch Dustin while we're in the party.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rap Artist

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I am free to fly award...

Got this award from Elaine, thank you so much elaine for passing this award, i really appreciate it. I been very busy this past few days and i think i need a break hehe :-) What do you think i will going to do? I am free to fly now and i will do anything i want. hehe :-) thanks Elaine!
I am passing this award to my dedicated fellow bloggers Rosemarie, Janet, Weng, Joy, Rojoy and Liz.

Monday, March 17, 2008

What kind of shoe am i?

You Are Bare Feet

You are a true free spirit, and you can't be tied down.

Even wearing shoes can be a little too constraining for you at times!

You are very comfortable in your own skin.

You are one of the most real people around. You don't have anything to hide.

Open and accepting, you are willing to discuss or entertain almost any topic.

You are a very tolerant person. You are accepting and not judgmental.

You should live: Somewhere warm

You should work: At your own business, where you can set the rules
Wow, the result is kind a interesting. It really tells about who i am. That i am really comfortable in my own skin, that i am most real people around, that i am willing to discuss anything. Well... i am not picky on discussing anything especially if the one i am talking too is a quiet person, i am the one who start the conversations. I am easy go lucky person and i am sure if you will get to know me better you will see how i treasure all my friends.

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My yummy sphagetti...

Yesterday, i cooked Mike's favorite dinner "Italian Sphagetti". I love sphagetti too, its really different in the Philippines Sphagetti but im so thankful that Mike's like it. Pasta is easy to make especially for dinner, as long you have all the ingredients. When i cooked my pasta i make it sure that the sauce has a lot of meat (ground beef) because Mike love to put lot of sauce on his plate. This is how i cooked my yummy sphagetti hehe :-)

First, I cooked the ground beef, when its cooked i add the Ragu Sphagetti Sauce, hunts tomato ketchup, salt and pepper to taste, i sprinkle with little bit of dried oregano leaves and lots of cheese. You can either use mazarella or colby cheese. Of course, you need to boil the sphagetti and when its done, put it on the plate and pour the yummy pasta sauce. Hmmmm yummy.. hehe :-) i love my sphagetti!

UK Business Intelligence Firm Annoucement

Congratulation for The Business Intelligence Contemporary for re-qualifies as a Microsoft Gold Partner for another 12 months. You deserves it! Contemporary plc has reached the status of Gold Certified Partner for Business Intelligence and they really do their best to be re-qualifies. In the world of business, they need to increased levels of developer certification and provided completed customer reference projects and you know what? Contemporary plc have these all. If you need help so that you can get back in control of your data then Contemporary is there for you. They been in the Business for over 15 years, so they have all the experiences, expertise, objective thinking and processing when it comes to business matters.

I never been into business but when I enter to the world of blogging, its like having a small business online. I heard that Contemporary website helped many companies to be successful in implementing solutions for processing data or something. They deliver a clear understanding about business and I know many business companies out there want to be a better leader so let Contemporary help you with that matter. Their mission is to help their clients turn data into understanding and understanding into action. So why not let them help you harness the power of your data and be a better leader to your business? For more information please visit their website and read this press release:

March 15th 2008

Contemporary re-qualifies as a Microsoft Gold Partner for another 12 months. This is the highest accolade in the Microsoft partner programme and a major achievement. Qualifying for this award required commitment from our technical team and excellent feedback from our customers who provided Microsoft references.

This award means that we have demonstrated superior levels of successful implementations, capabilities and certification. Microsoft Gold Certified Partners are required to meet rigorous requirements for certification and expertise. Contemporary plc has retained it's status of Gold Certified Partner for Business Intelligence by demonstrating quality of service and high levels of developer certification, deep real-world experience, and by providing completed customer reference projects that were independently verified by Microsoft.

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Cant wait...

Waaaaa, i cant wait for the next episode of Lobo! its getting more interesting because Lyka starting to change as being a white wolf. I think ABS-CBN did so far with this teleserye. The actors and actresses are really great! I like the new love team Piolo and Angel Locsin, they really did good at this teleserye. The character are amazing! I like Angel transformation at this teleserye, its really amazing how they do it.

It makes me cry at the end of the movie but im okay now hehe :-) well i need to wait for the next episode tomorow. Im getting crazy with this teleserye, i cant wait to see the episode this week. ABS-CBN your the best! Cheers!

Credit debt

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Its Monday - Thunder is getting crazy

Oh yeah its monday again.. hehe :-) i have lot of things to do here in the house. Lot of dirty clothes to be washed. Need to clean the floor because i seen some blood spots of cocao our pitbull. We are trying to keep them separating (thunder and cocao) the mastiff and pitbull because right now Cocao is in heat, she has her period this week and Thunder (mastiff) is getting nuts and crazy because he really want to get hooked up with Cocao.

I put thunder and princess (both mastiff) at their kennel outside, but i can hear thunder always wining today. He jumped on me when i try to give them water im glad because i am not facing with him, so he jump at my back, not so bad because i close the gate right away. I didn't have good sleep last night because Thunder is really noisy. Wish cocao's period will gone this week, so that they will get back to normal and i dont need to worry about hearing thunder wining all the time hehe :-)

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Thank God - Pop up is gone

I am very happy because the pop up is gone already, i didn't see any pop up at all here on my blog. My fellow bloggers Rosemarie told me also that pop up is not showing anymore. I already blocked some pop ups on my computer and at the same time, I listened to Joy, she told me that i need to delete the google pagerank widgets in my rank stat, i did and i think that helps too. My friend Janet encounter this problem also, i think i am not the only one who encounter this, but maybe they need to delete the google page rank widgets. It works for me, maybe it will works for you too!

Mini Calla Lilies

Weddings are really expensive nowadays, even the wedding flowers they cost a lot. On choosing the right wedding flowers it needs to be fresh and beautiful like the bride. When it comes on buying fresh wedding flowers there is only one that I will absolutely recommend. Order fresh flowers online is more easier than to go to the flower store and spend more time to find the best flowers that fits to your wedding. FiftyFlowers is there to help you to find the gorgeous flowers that you really like for your wedding. No hassle because you can order it online, they will ship it to you via FedEx, they delivered directly to the doorstep of the bride or location within 2 or 3 days of being cut. One of my friend will getting married this month of June. I think she would love to choose the mini calla lilies for their wedding flowers. I will going to tell her about this website so that she can make a reservation for her favorite mini calla lilies flowers. So, if you are getting married and still planning about your wedding, then this is your chance to find the best wedding flowers at FiftyFlowers. What are you waiting for? Order online now!

Coloring my hair...

I noticed this week that my gray hair starting to show up. It makes me feel old when i see gray hair. Its inheritance to our family to have gray hair. I have gray hair since when i was in highschool and i always color my hair to hide it. I dont use light color, i rather like to have a dark hair or light brown. Well.. yesterday while mike and I do grocery shopping, i decided to buy a new color for my hair. I choosed medium auburn, i like little bit red because when im on the sun, you can notice it right away. Mike choose the color and i am happy with that. He knows what color that fits on me. It makes me easier to decide which one is the best for me. So will see what happen after i rinsed it hehe :-) I am excited with the new color of my hair. :-)

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Poker Strategy

Every poker players have their own strategy on how to win the game and bit their opponents. I don’t know how to play this game but I am sure many people out there are really good at this game. In playing Poker, you need to be wiser and knows all the strategy about this game, if you want to be a professional poker player then you need to learn everything. At PokerStrategy website they offer a comprehensive learning material. With the aid of this material you can learn to play online poker successfully step by step. The good thing is you can watch and learn from their professional poker players while they are playing at live-coachings. You can watch the informative live videos, they can also analyze your played hands at their sample hands board. And guess what? If you want to watch free games and shows you can visit at This is really informative and you can learn a lot with this game. You will be a professional player and make a lot of money with it. If you want to enhance your poker career then why not try PokerStrategy? They are the world’s biggest poker school. They offer an entire poker education for free! You will get $50 for starting capital plus you can get $100 bonus to start your poker career. I am sure you wont regret it but be sure, play wisely!

Hamburger and French Fries Survey

I love hamburger and french fries. Every weekend, mike and I had lunch at Burger King or Windy's and of course Hamburger and French fries is the one i always order, same as Mike too as well. So here is the result of "Hamburger and French Fries Survey from dNeero.

Free Ring tones

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Just get home...

Oh im glad were home now, this morning we go for garage sale, hoping that we can get good stuff, my husband is looking for some antiques and furniture. He didn't fine one, but i got some of Dustin clothes and 2 shoulder bag for me. It still look good and i got it for only a quarter :-) Isn't that a good deal? Well after our garage sale we decided to go for grocery shopping. We had lunch at City Market, we just bought chicken tenders and some lays for snack. When we get home after, i check my email right away, checking if i have some tasked to do, i got one for the day so im okay with that. Better than nothing hehe :-) my tasked is 10 dollars so its good. But before i do my tasked, i need to put Dustin on his crib so that he can take a nap now, then after im done here, i need to go outside and help Mike to plant some of the trees. :-) Its kind a nice outside but its kind a windy and breezy. Little bit cold, im glad because we didn't go to Silverthorne this week, because we heard in the news that they get a lot of snow there. Hopefully we can go back to Silverthorne this next week.

Friday, March 14, 2008

My favorite online casino on the web...

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Oh... i have backpain today, were just done planting 4 rose bush and 1 crab apple tree in our backyard. Im helping Mike to dig a hole, it makes me really tired because its kind a windy lately. Im glad it didn't rain, we need to finish planting the roses because it said, it need to be planted after the arrival. I like roses a lot and im so happy because we bought 4 climbing rose bush. I choose my favorite color yellow and red. Tomorrow we still have lot of work to do, we still have 4 trees and 4 plants. Mike and I enjoy digging hole together, its nice because we help each other to make it faster. If i will just let him do alone, i know he will get really tired so it is better to help him. Dustin been good boy, he is with us outside trying to help but he still a baby so he cant do anything with it, i just let him play outside together with our doggies. He had lot of fun too! even he looks so sleepy and tired but he wants to be with us outside. He didn't take a nap yet, maybe he will have a good sleep tonight then.

AU Pair Childcare for Infants

We always searching a great childcare here in Grand Junction area, we found few but we need someone that is really professional, that has childcare experience, speak English and have a sincere interest in living with an American family. We ask some of our fellow brothers and sisters in our congregation but only few does a babysitter. And the other friend of ours recommend us to this website at Have you ever heard this company before? Well it said that AuPairCare is the premier U.S. provider of au pairs. They became one of the first agencies designated by the United States Department of State since 1989. They legally sponsor au pairs to come to the US. Well, maybe we can give this a try and see how it works.

Morning Breakfast...

Mike dont have work today, its his day off, so we have a chance to sit down together as a family and have breakfast. I just cook sausage for breakfast. Mike had his favorite coffee and sandwich with sausage, he just bought a new coffee maker because the other one is already broken. I had bread and sausage, dustin had his cereal and he eat some of the sausage too. He likes it and i think he eat a lot this morning. It was so nice to sit down together and have breakfast, because mostly monday to friday, i eat breakfast with Dustin. But im so glad its friday. friday is my favorite day of the week, its raining out so i dont know if we can work outside to finish planting the plant but will see this afternoon if its starting to get warm and dry. Maybe at lunch time we will go to the bookstore and find some books and magazines there and go to the mall and have a relaxing day!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Air Ambulance America Flight

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"I" Tagged...

Got this tag from Rosemarie, thank you rose for sharing this tagged.

I AM… always want to be myself, not fake and always friendly
I WANT…to travel the world before i die and give my mom a better life.
I HAVE… a loving husband a lovable son that i always treasure in my life. I have also my family and friends that always there for me.
I WISH…that i give a better future for my son and give better life to my mama.
HATE...crimes, wars and everything that is bad!
I FEAR… that i could lost my loveones.
I SEARCH…for more opps for the day hehe :-)!
I WONDER…why lots of people are not happy right now.
I REGRET…what i do for my past.
I LOVE…everyone especially my son, mike, my family and all my friends out there.
I ALWAYS…try to be happy and always think positive.
I AM NOT…perfect, i can do mistake sometimes but i try to changed.
I DANCE…oh yeah, thats my thing. I love dancing since when i was a kid.
I SING…especially when i have the microphone, even my voice is not as good as professional singers but at least i try hehe :-).
I CRY....when i get hurt, when i saw sad movies or if i see someone who is crying especially if its my loveones.
I WRITE…because I want to share my thoughts and my experiences.
I WON…a trophy! that is Dustin my little trophy hehe
I AM CONFUSED…sometimes
I NEED…to finish my tasked and cook dinner for tonight.
I SHOULD…try to be in hurry now because i am run out of time.

I am passing this tag to Janet, Weng, Debs, Laradee, Elaine and Switz Pinay.

GPS Tracking

What do you think of having a GPS Tracking Key? How important it is to have when we go for a travel. We don’t know what will going to happen but in case of emergency, the GPS Tracking will help us to be traced of where we are because the twenty-four Department of Defense satellites can track the signals and the internal computer can accurately determines the GPS location. For example if you connect this tracking key to your car then they can easily determine the precise location of your vehicle. This is really great to have especially when you travel by air, because it happens sometimes when the airplane will crash or something at least when you land at the water or at the unknown islands then at least you still be safe they can easily determine of what location you are. I read a news about this tracking device that solves murder case, it really interesting how they can find out, the wife has this tracking key device to her Ford car because she is suspecting that her husband has having an affair with someone and they test it out too if how does it work and it really works pretty good because the Tracking Key followed their every move. Here are the advantages of having this GPS Tracking Key. This is ease of use, small and easily concealable, the strength of the magnet where you could place under the car, its water resistant. So even when you are under the water they can still find you and its Google earth compatibility too. If you want to know more please watch this video and see what you think and also visit the website, there you can learn more about GPS Tracking Systems.

Just done my bible study...

Our bible study this afternoon are getting so very interesting. We discussed about what will going to happen if ever the Lord's Day will come. It's kind a scary to think about it at least i already aware of what will going to happen when that day comes. I read also at the bible scriptures about wheats and weeds. Its kind a deep, its hard to understand but as soon you read more paragraphs you will starting to understand it. Its not a literal word, Jesus said its just an illustration. Like the weeds is the wicked one, fine seeds is the righteous people. The farmers will going to burned all the weeds and sow the fine wheats. So thats Jehovah God will do, he will destroyed all the wicked one and let the righteous people leave. I want to be the wheat, the righteous one. Im tired of seeing all the crimes and bad things happening on the earth. It getting worst everyday. The Wars is always there, make people scared, all the innocents are getting affected. Only God knows when this will end and im looking forward with that.

Backpacks – For Hiking and Everyday Use

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