Friday, March 21, 2008

Dinner Party at Gleenwood Spring

Mike will be home at 3:00 pm, so he still have time to take shower and get ready for our dinner party tonight at Gleenwood Spring. Its kind a far huh! hehe :-) but i love Gleenwood Spring, Its 2 hours driving from Grand Junction to Gleenwood. Its almost quarter to 2:00 pm here, i still need to take shower, clean the house and get ready for the dinner party. I am still thinking what to wear tonigth. I am sure all Mike's co-worker and all their wives will be there on the party. We need to bring Dustin on his babysitter, he is not allowed to be in the party. We will gone for about 6-7 hours, i am sure we can get home at 10-11 pm tonight. I am sure Pam can take care of Dustin while were away. We know here and she love to watch Dustin, she likes kids a lot and i think everything will be okay.

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