Thursday, March 20, 2008


Well I think I spend too much now online hehe. Its time for me to go to bed and have a good night sleep. Im still talking with my sister from the Philippines. Too bad I cant sent them their additional allowance for this month as a share of my earnings. We don’t have time to go to Eagle or in Silverthorne this month. I think we will going to use our savings account to pay our bills. All my earnings are in our savings account that’s why I cant send my family the $150 this month. Maybe they need to wait until next month of April. Hopefully I can earned more next month so that I can send my family in the Philippines their additional monthly allowance. I care for them you know… I always want to see them happy and not having problem about financial. I cared about their everyday expenses especially the food and rice. Its hard to be away from my family but I have to you know… but its okay I don’t feel bad about it because I talked with them everyday online and I always see them everyday on the webcam. Well, right now I just say bye to my sister so I think its time for me to go bed now.. So see yah everyone and until tomorrow again! Goodnight!

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