Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Legend

Sunday is supposed to be a relaxing time for us, but Mike needs to go to work but he didn't stay too long at work because he came home at 11:00 am before lunch time. Then when Mike came home from work we decided not to attend meeting because he is not feeling good because of his sinus allergy, i dont feel good too but this afternoon im starting to feel better. So we go to Albertson to go for a grocery shopping then guess what? Mike let me drive! My driving today is not too bad, im glad Mike is not get frustrated when i am driving. He is quiet on the front sit, sometimes he tell me what to do. After shopping we go to Blockbuster to rent a movie, we got 2 movies title "I am Legend" and "The Bee". I like the movie "I am Legend" starring Will Smith. Its very suspense, he really did good on this movie. The sounds effect is kind a scary and i like the last message at the end of the movie that says "keep listening, because you are not alone". You better watch this movie, i am sure you will like it.

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