Saturday, March 22, 2008

Dinner party last night

The dinner party last night was very fantastic. The place is very romantic, the restaurant is really nice, nice view and nice background because its near in the mountains and you can even hear the river. The dinner party is only available to all Xcel Energy Crews and Staff. No kids allowed so we need to bring dustin to his babysitter to watch him for a couple hours. Only Husband and Wives allowed on that dinner party. I meet new friends and im so thankful because Maria is there too. She is a Filipina, she's been here in Colorado for almost 15 years. We talked together using our tagalog language and i am having fun at least i wont feel like im out of place of the group. Im glad i bring my camera at least i can take pictures of all for a remembrance for that night. The food is really great! they served lot of food that time. Before the dinner start they serve appetizer just like a snack because the dinner will start at 7:00 pm we arrived their exactly 6:00pm. When the dinner start they first serve the 2 choices appetizer, onion soup and rock n shrimp i think, i forgot the name but it really tasty. 2nd they serve the salad, 3rd is dinner entree with 5 choices and the last one is yummy cheese cake dessert. Oh im so full after dinner. I cant hardly breath hehe... i try to save more space on my tummy though but im so thankful that the dinner party went really good. Everyone enjoying the food and we are all enjoying together!

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