Monday, March 31, 2008

Hungry, Tired and Sleepy...

That is what i feel today, maybe thats a symptoms for being pregnant huh? I always feel hungry, tired and sleepy. It just started last Saturday... i do my cleaning stuff here in the house, my little Dustin is not taking a nap yet, he is on his crib, laying down and still playing his cars, he's making noise and i dont think he will going to take a nap this afternoon because its already 15 minutes to 6:00pm. Mike is not coming home yet, he just called me few minutes ago, he says that maybe he will be home late tonight. He still need to wait his co-worker and get his work done. Well.. i am just here waiting for him, maybe Dustin and I can just eat dinner because i feel hungry now and my pot roast in a crock pot is already done. Im so glad also that i get another tasked for the day. Maybe i will get rest after dinner and just watch dvd with Dustin title "Bee". :-)

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Lap-Band said...

Wow!Such an housewife..You remind me of my Mom.