Saturday, March 15, 2008

Just get home...

Oh im glad were home now, this morning we go for garage sale, hoping that we can get good stuff, my husband is looking for some antiques and furniture. He didn't fine one, but i got some of Dustin clothes and 2 shoulder bag for me. It still look good and i got it for only a quarter :-) Isn't that a good deal? Well after our garage sale we decided to go for grocery shopping. We had lunch at City Market, we just bought chicken tenders and some lays for snack. When we get home after, i check my email right away, checking if i have some tasked to do, i got one for the day so im okay with that. Better than nothing hehe :-) my tasked is 10 dollars so its good. But before i do my tasked, i need to put Dustin on his crib so that he can take a nap now, then after im done here, i need to go outside and help Mike to plant some of the trees. :-) Its kind a nice outside but its kind a windy and breezy. Little bit cold, im glad because we didn't go to Silverthorne this week, because we heard in the news that they get a lot of snow there. Hopefully we can go back to Silverthorne this next week.

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