Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My Favorite Clock

I really love to own a grand father clock. Since when I was in high school I always wanted to own one. But I cant afford that time because grand father clock is very expensive and I don’t have a good job that time. The last time I saw a grand father clock is on my friend’s house way back in the Philippines. They put the grand father clocks in the hole way and its really nice. Their grand father clock always caught my attention because its very unique and guess what? Its antique because they got it from her great grand father.

Since now I keep searching about grand father clocks but I don’t think we can get one this year, but I told Mike maybe we can get a small clock because we don’t have a clock here in the house. We only depend the time of our alarm clock, at the microwave time, coffee maker time and the computer time. When I came across this website at 1-800-4clocks.com, I found my favorite clock that I want to put in our living room or maybe in the kitchen. My favorite type of clocks is the Mantel Clocks by Brand. The style is very unique and I think that would be great to put it our side table. And if ever we buy a new clock? I would absolutely choose the Nautical Clocks or Our Favorite Mantel Clocks. You better check out their Store's Home Page and you can visit also their clocks blog and read more information about grandfather clock, howard miller grand father clocks or any different types of clocks that is available on their list.

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