Tuesday, March 25, 2008

No Post for Yesterday

Yesterday, i really dont have energy to write a post because i dont feel good. I have a bad headache yesterday but im glad i feel better now... I only checked email yesterday morning but when i check some of my blog advertising, they are not giving me any tasked for the day. So instead of spending my time online, i do some cleaning here in the house because Renee my bible study instructor called me that we will do my personal bible study yesterday at 1:00 pm instead of Thursday 1:00pm. She changed the schedule because she will get busy this week, they have circuit overseer Thursday so she cant make it that time thats why she called me right away yesterday. Im okay anytime because i only stay here in the house with Dustin. So i clean early and get ready for my bible study then after my book study i check my email again and i dont find any tasked so i log off and put dustin into sleep and watch tv. I cooked the dinner and i make a strawberry cake! Thats what happen yesterday thats why i didn't write any post :-)

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