Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Good morning people!

Hi everyone, good morning! hope you all have great day! Hows your blogging? Me is kind a lazy today, i dont have any tasked to do... well maybe they are not giving tasked this day because Easter is coming. Mike still have work this Friday, but he will only work 8 hours then when he get home, we need to get ready because we need to attend dinner party. His boss invited all the crew for a dinner party at Gleenwood Springs. No kids allowed so we need to bring Dustin to his babysitter to watch him for a couple hours. We still dont know what time the dinner party is done maybe until 10 pm to midnight. Will see what happen then. Im glad i called Dustin babysitter to let her know in advance, i dont want to call here Friday morning because maybe she will get busy that time. But im glad she is available this friday and she can watch Dustin while we're in the party.

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