Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Sunday!

hi everyone, Happy Sunday! Its Sunday and my back is really sore today because of what we did yesterday. We plant 4 trees and 4 small plants. Digging hole is not my thing but i am enjoying every moment of it. Helping Mike is a good thing, the work will become faster if we helping each other. We finished early and im so glad we planted all those trees. Maybe this week we will buy more roses bush and some other bushes you know. Time to make our backyard look nicer because its spring time! I just have 1 tasked this morning, but at least i have one tasked. Better than nothing though hehe :-) The Passover last night is really good, i am really touched with the story about the father and son which the father sacrificed his own son just to save all people in the train. Thats what God did also because he sacrificed his own beloved Son Jesus Christ just to save us for our sins.

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