Monday, March 17, 2008

My yummy sphagetti...

Yesterday, i cooked Mike's favorite dinner "Italian Sphagetti". I love sphagetti too, its really different in the Philippines Sphagetti but im so thankful that Mike's like it. Pasta is easy to make especially for dinner, as long you have all the ingredients. When i cooked my pasta i make it sure that the sauce has a lot of meat (ground beef) because Mike love to put lot of sauce on his plate. This is how i cooked my yummy sphagetti hehe :-)

First, I cooked the ground beef, when its cooked i add the Ragu Sphagetti Sauce, hunts tomato ketchup, salt and pepper to taste, i sprinkle with little bit of dried oregano leaves and lots of cheese. You can either use mazarella or colby cheese. Of course, you need to boil the sphagetti and when its done, put it on the plate and pour the yummy pasta sauce. Hmmmm yummy.. hehe :-) i love my sphagetti!

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Babette said...

I also make Italian style spaghetti but the other day I made a separate sauce (Pinoy style) for me. I miss the sweet spaghetti sauce and frankfurters kasi. :)

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