Thursday, March 20, 2008

Free Online Contests

Isn’t that great that they provide an online contests on the web which you can solve each game and at the same time you can earn cash for solving it? It makes me interested when I came across this website. BreakTheVault offers free online contests. The first one to solve the game will win cash or prizes. They will launch a new contest every Monday at noon eastern time and each day after at noon eastern time they will release another clue, so you need to check your account all the time and if you solve the game, its your chance to win a big prizes! How good was that? So create your account now and wait for a new contest they launch every Monday. Who knows you will be the next winner and receive big cash or prizes at!

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Pamps said...

sounds a good site. i'll check that out when i have time..anyway hopping from project exlinks..

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