Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Late Coming Home...

Mike just called me and he said that maybe he will coming home late tonight. I already done cooking our dinner and make him coffee, feed the doggies, water the plant outside and pick up the doggie poop. Well, its nice outside so its okay, at least it keeps me busy for the day while waiting for him especially that I don’t have more opps to do. Dustin still sleeping on his crib so I still have time to write a post before he came home. Kind a lot of work to do but I handle it, no problemo hehe. Im enjoying it anyway because its sunny outside, warm and shiny. I cooked beef stew for tonight. I know Mike would love it because it has a good flavor. I used beef broth instead of water so I think that helps to make it taste good. Will see when Mike came home. Hopefully Dustin will woke up before its dinner time, so that we can go out and pick up the mail in our mail box. Its only 1 block away from the house though. I know Dustin love to walk outside especially if its warm and sunny.

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Lizeth said...

hi fe! hope you had a good dinner :) im glad that you're having a good sunny weather right now.

sobrang init here in manila!! as in!