Thursday, March 20, 2008

Wednesday Bible Study

Instead of going for book study Tonight (Thursday) we decided to go Lastnight (Wednesday). Mike has energy to go for our book study so im okay with that. This afternoon i still have my one on one bible study with Renee and i think we cant go for group study tonight because we already went last night. We had really great time, we learned a lot from the book of revelation, Dustin meet new friends too. But he is not a good boy last night. He make lot of noise and his dad gave him spankin last night. But after the book study, he is fine, he even dont want to go home. He wants to stay there and do shake hands to everyone. He likes to play that little boy also but its already late and we need to go, maybe this coming Sunday again.

I am running out of time its almost 12 noon here and i have my bible study this afternoon at 1:00pm. I still need to take shower and eat lunch. But first before i do that i need to finished my last tasked first for the day then i can watch my favorite telenovela later after my book study. So happy blogging everyone! :-)

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