Monday, March 17, 2008

Its Monday - Thunder is getting crazy

Oh yeah its monday again.. hehe :-) i have lot of things to do here in the house. Lot of dirty clothes to be washed. Need to clean the floor because i seen some blood spots of cocao our pitbull. We are trying to keep them separating (thunder and cocao) the mastiff and pitbull because right now Cocao is in heat, she has her period this week and Thunder (mastiff) is getting nuts and crazy because he really want to get hooked up with Cocao.

I put thunder and princess (both mastiff) at their kennel outside, but i can hear thunder always wining today. He jumped on me when i try to give them water im glad because i am not facing with him, so he jump at my back, not so bad because i close the gate right away. I didn't have good sleep last night because Thunder is really noisy. Wish cocao's period will gone this week, so that they will get back to normal and i dont need to worry about hearing thunder wining all the time hehe :-)

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