Saturday, March 22, 2008

Were done planting!

Oh thanks God were done planting all our 4 small plants and 4 pine trees outside our yard. Thats a lot of work though but im glad were done. I am helping Mike of course for planting those trees. And its look nice now and im looking forward to see those trees growing so that we can have a shade outside our yard. The weather is very nice today, sunny and warm. Tonight, we will going to attend "Passover", instead of going to the congregation near to our house, we decided to go to Appleton Congregation because they will start early at 7:00 pm unlike the Redlands Congregation they will start at 8:45 pm, i think they will have 2 batches because there are lots of people will coming and attend the Passover Meal. This is my 3rd time to attend Passover and i really like the way they do it. Unlike in Catholic they always do it every Sunday i think. :-) Jehovah's Witness only do it once a year.

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