Friday, March 14, 2008

Morning Breakfast...

Mike dont have work today, its his day off, so we have a chance to sit down together as a family and have breakfast. I just cook sausage for breakfast. Mike had his favorite coffee and sandwich with sausage, he just bought a new coffee maker because the other one is already broken. I had bread and sausage, dustin had his cereal and he eat some of the sausage too. He likes it and i think he eat a lot this morning. It was so nice to sit down together and have breakfast, because mostly monday to friday, i eat breakfast with Dustin. But im so glad its friday. friday is my favorite day of the week, its raining out so i dont know if we can work outside to finish planting the plant but will see this afternoon if its starting to get warm and dry. Maybe at lunch time we will go to the bookstore and find some books and magazines there and go to the mall and have a relaxing day!

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