Saturday, March 29, 2008

Saturday Rants...

When I woke up this morning i feel like today is Friday, i thought i can still watch my favorite telenovela this morning but when i check youtube no one is uploading new videos for today and when i check my calendar, i found out that today is Saturday. Oh well my bad. I only have one tasked for the day, better than nothing and $10 for 1 review is a good start right? Maybe this afternoon i can get more tasked to do. Mike is working so Dustin and I just left here in the house, as usual hehe :-) Wish he dont have work today so that he can spend time with us. We need money to pay our bills thats why he work overtime. Hopefully next week he will not work on weekends because weekends is family time right? Nice to spend time with Mike on weekends though. I missed him much.


oz said...

What kind of reviews are you doing?

Raptured Dreams said...

Good to be paid in just one review.. Just keep it in moderation means not too much within a day... Hi just blog hopping here