Friday, March 14, 2008


Oh... i have backpain today, were just done planting 4 rose bush and 1 crab apple tree in our backyard. Im helping Mike to dig a hole, it makes me really tired because its kind a windy lately. Im glad it didn't rain, we need to finish planting the roses because it said, it need to be planted after the arrival. I like roses a lot and im so happy because we bought 4 climbing rose bush. I choose my favorite color yellow and red. Tomorrow we still have lot of work to do, we still have 4 trees and 4 plants. Mike and I enjoy digging hole together, its nice because we help each other to make it faster. If i will just let him do alone, i know he will get really tired so it is better to help him. Dustin been good boy, he is with us outside trying to help but he still a baby so he cant do anything with it, i just let him play outside together with our doggies. He had lot of fun too! even he looks so sleepy and tired but he wants to be with us outside. He didn't take a nap yet, maybe he will have a good sleep tonight then.

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