Friday, March 28, 2008

Single Videoke...

Its been a long time i never tried our videoke again. My voice still not improving though hehe :-) even how hard i try but it didn't work. My voice still the same. I love singing but it seems like singing is not for me, maybe singing dont like me? hehe :D But i dont care, i can sing whenever i like, i dont care what anybody people say. One time i remember, way back in the Philippines, our neighbor told me to stop singing because my voice is like a cow. I dont know if he is joking or if he is serious but i feel embarassed you know. But you know what i've told him? i told him thats okay! i am just practicing hope you dont mind, just please dont throw rocks if you hear my voice. lolz ;-) Now that i am singing videoke again, im hoping that our neighbors here dont mind it hehe :-) i dont want them to knock our door and tell me to stop singing because my voice is really terrible hehe :-) Whatever, keep on trying Fe, you can do it... Im just singing for fun you know! hehe... :-) happy blogging!

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