Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lazy Sunday

Im kind a lazy today maybe because the weather outside is not good as what i expected. its kind a cloudy outside and it seems like it will going to rain this afternoon. Well, hopefully not! Mike just came home from work, he work today even its Sunday. He woke up early to work at 6:00am and he came home at quarter to 11:00am. At least he go home early hehe :-) we still have meeting this afternoon at 1:00pm i dont know if we can make it because we are both not feeling well today. Mike has allergy and Ijust throw up this morning. I feel dizzy this morning too. Maybe i am pregnant? hehe :-) We just got the result from the pregnancy test that i bought yesterday and it said positive. But i will try again this first week of april if the result is still the same. Will see what happens :-)

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